10 Closest Hotels to the Half Moon Party

10 Closest Hotels to the Half Moon Party


Sea love BungalowsSea Love Bungalows

Distance to party2,000 metres

Prices: from 935 THB


book Sea Love Bungalows

Sea Love Bungalows is a small beach front resort with wooden bungalows. The bungalows come with either fan or air-conditioning, but not much else, save for hammocks on the balcony and sea views. Who needs TV with these views anyway? They do have a restaurant and Wifi albeit a slightly slow connection like most of the other resorts on the island. You pay for what you get, and if you ‘adjust’ your expectations you will be happy here.

Route Map from Sea Love Bungalows to Half Moon Festival

2nd Closest

Mac's Bay ResortMac’s Bay Resort

Distance to party2,100 metres

Prices: from 1,800 THB


book Mac's Bay Resort

Mac’s Bay Resort is the largest resort in our list of 10. There is a choice of apartments and bungalows. There is also a big swimming pool and large bar/restaurant. Bear in mind that this resort is popular with young independent travellers, particularly once a month when it hosts the Black Moon Party. Do not expect any sleep on these nights! If you are after a laid-back beach bungalow then this isn’t your best option. However, if you are after something a bit a lively, you want to meet people, and enjoy good facilities, then this is likely to be a place which will suit you.

Route Map from Mac’s Bay Resort to Half Moon Festival

3rd Closest

Phangan Orchid Resort

Phangan Orchid Resort

Distance to party4,300 metres

Prices: from 1,000 THB


book Phangan Orchid Resort

Beach front bungalow resort with pool, restaurant, and sea view. The rooms have TV and hot water. All sounds very nice except that the resort gets some bad reviews about service. To be fair, cultural misunderstandings are common on Koh Phangan. Local Thai people don’t always deal well with foreigners who get angry when they complain. The resort is very nice and, misunderstandings aside, chances are you will have a good stay.

Route Map from Phangan Orchid Resort to Half Moon Festival

4th Closest

Echo Beach BungalowsEcho Beach Backpackers Resort

Distance to party2,300 metres

Prices: from 100 THB


book Echo Beach Backpackers ResortThis is a hostel, not a resort. They have 5 mixed dorm room with 16 beds, 9 beds, 8 beds, or 4 beds. Echo Beach Backpackers has an old school hostel feel where they make every attempt to entertain you as well as give you a bed. They have movie nights and other in-house activities that make it easy to socialise with other travellers, most of whom will be below 30 years of age. If you are young and travelling on your own then this is a great place to meet other people to hang out with. They have fairly good facilities as well: A/C in the dorms, lockers, bar, common room area and Wifi.

Route Map from Echo Beach Backpackers Resort to Half Moon Festival

5th Closest

Phangan CottagePhangan Cottage

Distance to party: 3,000 metres

Prices: from 1,300 THB


book Phangan CottagePhangan Cottage has sea view bungalows of varying quality. The resort has a pool, restaurant and bar. All rooms have hot water, and the more expensive one shave A/C and satellite TV. On the downside, this resort is a little ‘impersonal’ in comparison to other neighbouring resorts and the service is a bit up and down.

Route Map from Phangan Cottage to Half Moon Festival

6th Closest

My Phangan ResortMy Phangan Resort

Distance to party2,800 metres

Prices: from 500 THB


book My Phangan ResortMy Phangan Resort is a relaxed and laid back small resort. It’s popular for this reason. It’s old school Thai island accommodation in the form of basic wooden bungalows and in terms of attitude: the bar is run on an honesty policy where you write down what you take. Charming. The resort beach bar is lively and it’s a good place to meet people.

Route Map from My Phangan Resort to Half Moon Festival

7th Closest

Morning Star ResortMorning Star Resort

Distance to party2,500 metres

Prices: from 1,190 THB


book Morning Star ResortWe like this place a lot. It ticks all the boxes for a mid range resort. Morning Star Resort is a family run small resort that is a nice place to stay. The bungalows are well kept, with hot water, safety box, mini bar, tea/coffee makers and air-conditioning, although no cable/satellite TV. There is a well maintained pool and an affordable restaurant with reasonably good food. Nothing fancy but tasty Thai dishes. The bar area has recently been renovated and it’s quite impressive.

Route Map from Morning Star Resort to Half Moon Festival

8th Closest

Jamin Bar Guest HouseJamin Bar Guest House

Distance to party2,500 metres

Prices: from 350 THB


book Jamin Bar Guest HouseJamin Bar Guest House is not a resort, but rather 2 rooms attached to a reggae bar. This is very Koh Phangan! Very informal and an opportunity to hang out with the locals. It gets most of its custom during the Full Moon Party when rooms are hard to come by. This is an unusual accommodation option and whether you like it will depend on who you are. The rooms are basic but the price is cheap.

Route Map from Jamin Bar Guest House to Half Moon Festival

9th Closest

MystiqueMystique Hostel

Distance to party: 2,700 metres

Prices: from 800 THB


book Mystique HostelMystique Hostel is a residential house with two dormitory rooms: one for 10 people, and another for 6 people. It’s run by an Australian couple who will do their best to take care of you. This hostel has the feel of a private home with facilities to match. There is a kitchen where you can cook and a washing machine to use at no extra cost. They also offer hot water and wifi in with the price.

Route Map from Mystique Hostel to Half Moon Festival

10th Closest

Hansa ResortHansa Resort

Distance to party: 2,300 metres

Prices: from 2,200 THB


book Hansa ResortHansa Resort is one of the larger resorts in the area with 4 types of room including bungalows and hotel rooms. Some of the rooms have cable/satellite TV, A/C and in-room safe. The resort has a pool, restaurant and bar with pool table. This resort is managed by the owner, who is very friendly and goes out of his way to make his guests feel at home and offer advice/assistance. This resort is popular with party goers and the bar can be lively in the evenings.

Route Map from Hansa Resort to Half Moon Festival

About the Half Moon Party

The Half Moon Party may be less well known than the Full Moon Party, but for many people it is the best party on the Island. It takes place twice a month and attracts around 2,000 to 3,000 people, which makes it more intimate than the Full Moon Party which can be attended by up to 30,000 party goers in high season.

The Half Moon Party is more like a large nightclub, unlike the Full Moon Party which is actually a collection of a dozen or so beach front DJ stages and sound systems. The Half Moon Party is more about the music, which tends to be dance music. The music is always mixed live on the night. Nothing is pre-recorded.

The parties are run by the excellent and professional ‘Harmony Team’ and they put on quite a show! Each party features a line-up of International DJs showcasing new tracks from around the world of dance music. The sound system is cutting edge as are the visual effects, featuring laser shows and 2 big screens. This high technology is nicely complimented by live performers and fire shows.

The party takes place in a contained area with three bars, inside and outside dance areas, and food stalls. There are plenty of toilets and places to sit down when you want to take a break from dancing.


  • Location: The Half Moon Party is located in the Jungle near the Ban Tai beach area. It’s about 5 km up the road from Haad Rin where the Full Moon Party happens.
  • Cost: Admissions costs 600 THB and the price includes 1 free drink and an audio CD compilation of the highlights from previous parties.
  • Getting there: You can get a shared taxi from most places on the Island all night for 100 – 300 THB each way depending on where you are staying on the Island. However, you can stay within walking distance of around 2 km. The hotels listed below are all within walking distance of the Half Moon Party.

Party Dates


Mar 1st & 15th & 31st
Apr 15th & 30th
May 14th & 28th
Jun 12th & 29th
Jul 12th & 27th
Aug 10th & 26th
Sep 9th & 24th
Oct 9th & 24th
Nov 7th & 22nd
Dec 7th & 22nd

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