Best Club Night in Haad Rin – Fubar Monday Sessions

Best Club Night in Haad Rin – Fubar Monday Sessions

Although Haad Rin is most famous for its epic Full Moon Party, it is a town that never has enough of DJs making crowds hop to the beat. Never too loud, never too late and never too wasted to refuse another. The streets and the beach always hosting those sleeping it off pay testament to this proposition.


Full Moon Party

Lots of reviews of the FMP mention how the music is becoming more and more for the ‘teeny boppers’; in other words chart music that the youngsters recognise. The FMP is now a legal event with entrance fee, security, medics and policing. Thailand isn’t hiding the fact that they host a massive beach party. Truly the Full Moon Party has gone from underground to over ground. The music perhaps partly reflects this change. It is an ‘event’ as much as it is a ‘music festival’.

Digital devices have changed music. Previously you were limited by space and the means to categorise a physical collection. How many CDs can you have? Now people can all have massive music libraries. They can branch out from the charts and find so much more to get excited about. All thanks to iPods, smart phones, iTunes, Myspace, Sound Cloud, Napster, Shazam and others we all feel like a DJ.

Monday Night Fubar Parties are Different

Fubar are playing the latest, cutting dance music. Unlike other sound systems in Haad Rin they aren’t afraid to play a drum and bass set. Something hard, and more like the sets being played in London.

Fubar has a party every Monday. It is called ‘Monday Sessions’. The event nearly always attracts a full house of regulars, people staying in the hostel upstairs and those in Haad Rin on a holiday. The DJs put big sets that get the crowd jumping. It is not the trance of yester year or the stale stylings of minimal. It is not about following trends, rather about dropping killer beats into the mix.

Of course when the FMP comes around Fubar throws early morning after parties for those just not ready to hit the sack.

Fubar Hostel

The hostel and bar is managed by British nationals who do their job well. They make excellent pizzas and mix a mean cocktail. The prices are reasonable; there is no dual pricing going on. Moreover, they are very friendly and encourage the idea of the ‘Fubar family’. They make their guests feel welcome.

The only shame is that Fubar isn’t bigger. Downstairs there is a small bar, DJ island, some raised area seating and just a tiny dance floor. While it is an intimate space it would benefit from creating more space for bodies to bounce to the funky beats.

Fubar Hostel is located in the centre of Haad Rin. Ask anybody and they will put you in the right direction. It is just a minute’s walk from Sunrise Beach. See the map below.

For those curious about the name of the bar and hostel, Fubar is an acronym that derives from World War II. It stands for ‘F**ked Up Beyond All Recognition’. There’s a promise.

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