Best Fish Restaurants

Islands should have good seafood and Koh Phangan is no exception. You can buy it from the fish market in Thong Sala, or from the fishermen in Chaloklum, and cook it yourself. Perhaps on a home made BBQ – two concrete bricks, a bag of charcoal, and a grill bought for under 100 THB in Thong Sala will do the trick. Expect to pay around 160 THB a kilo for prawns in the market (the bigger they are the more they cost) and around 100 THB a kilo for whole fish. Squid and small shell fish are also widely available.

For the less adventurous, and those wanting simply to relax on holiday, there are excellent seafood restaurants on Koh Phangan. We recommend that you head to Bantai or Chaloklum’s Seafood village in the North of the Island.


There are several good fish restaurants on Bantai beach. Bantai beach is located on the stretch of road from Thong Sala to Haad Rin before the turning to go up to Thong Nai Pan. The best two are Fisherman’s Restaurant and Fish at Thips.

Fisherman’s Restaurant is on the beach near the Bantai pier, about 3 km from Thong Sala. Run by local Chef Lek and his Austrian wife, many visitors rate this restaurant as the best on the island. The restaurant is well presented and the service is good. Some of the tables are set inside beach longtail boats. Longtail boats are the emblematic traditional boat of Southern Thailand still in use today. The most popular dishes are the mixed seafood platter, yellow curry crab (an authentic Southern Thai recipe) and fillet of barracuda. Bear in mind that price wise this a mid-range restaurant with fillet of barracuda, salad, rice and sauce priced at 300 THB. They serve wine and have an inventive range of cocktails. We recommend that you try the popular fisherman’s mojito.

Slightly further down the road is Fish at Thips. This is a more recent addition to the Island’s culinary scene. It’s similar in style to Fisherman’s restaurant, although the menu is different. Some people will prefer it to its long established neighbour. Our recommended dish is fish & chips.

Seafood Village in Chaloklum

Chaloklum is Koh Phangan’s main fishing port. This is the place to come and buy locally caught seafood. The bay at Chaloklum has an abundance of squid. To get there it’s a 20 to 30 minute drive north from the main town of Thong Sala depending on which route you take. A trip to Chaloklum can easily be combined with a trip to Koh Ma for snorkelling and a tour of the Chinese temple.

The main road in Chaloklum has been re-branded ‘Seafood Village’. It’s like a mini version of the sea front area in Hua Hin, with a cluster of seafood restaurants built on stilts over the beach. This is laid back destination and the restaurants are cheap. There are four dedicated seafood restaurants to choose from: Nong Nok, Aunjai Seafood, Seaside Restaurant, Hai-Thong Seafood. We recommend that you take a stroll along the road checking out the menus before deciding where to eat. All the restaurants sell tasty locally caught seafood so you can’t really go wrong.