Best Full Moon Party Bar

Best Full Moon Party Bar

It is impossible to say which bar is the best to hang out at when you go to the Full Moon Party: the night (and morning) for many is a long adventure that seems to go by in a blurred blink of an eye. People have a habit of gravitating to a bar with a crowd and music selection that suits their mood. However, one of the best bars on Haad Rin’s Sunrise Beach is Mellow Mountain. It is a unique place that despite its infamous reputation is s great spot to experience a few hours of the Full Moon Party.

On the Hillside Overlooking the Beach

Mellow Mountain is located on the cliffs at the northern end of the beach. You can’t miss it as there is only one bar on the cliffs.

It is a fair climb up to the bar but worth it as you are rewarded by a great view out across the beach and ocean. The moon twinkles off the sea; the beach is illuminated by the hundreds of neon lights on the beach. It is a beautiful overview of the party.

About Mellow Mountain

It is a fairly big bar. There are low tables with cushion seating along the balcony as well as seating inside. It is an open plan bar with much of the space dedicated to the dance floor.

The DJ booth is raised above the proceedings. The walls are covered in neon art and lights tumble over those getting lost in the music.

The tunes aren’t exactly mellow, but they aren’t hard trance or techno. The music could be described as upbeat ambient house; tracks seamlessly melding into each other thanks to computer technology.

During the party there is a good crowd of people in the bar and on the dance floor. However, it is not as packed or frenetic as many of the beachfront bars. It is a good place to come if you feel a bit overwhelmed by the jostling and wild crowds on the beach.

Special Shakes

The reason for the infamy of Mellow Mountain is the special shakes on sale. You will soon notice that a proportion of the people at the bar are wild-eyed as a consequence. Don’t expect to hold too many level-headed conversations with strangers at this bar. Rather go with the flow and enjoy the music and the unique atmosphere of this great Full Moon Party bar.

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