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Koh Phangan has several Indian restaurants. The best two are Ash at Havana Resort in Thong Nai Pan Yai and Om Ganesh in Haad Rin. Before you visit you should bear in mind that the style of cooking is more like you find in India, rather than Indian food in the UK or Europe. The curries tend not to be as spicy and a bit more salty than you might be used to back home. This said, the food is nice and a welcome alternative if you have been travelling in Thailand for an extended period.


This is a beach front restaurant on Thong Nai Pan Yai. It is part of the Havana Resort. The owner Raj is Indian in origin although born and bred in Thailand.

Ash is the best Indian restaurant on the island both in terms of food and location. Dining on the beach is a great experience and Ash has a choice of indoor and outdoor tables or reclining cushions on a raised platform, with a table in the middle, for a laid back dining experience. The service is polite and prompt and you have the feeling of being in luxury restaurant. Fortunately, luxury doesn’t mean expensive and price wise this a mid range option.

The menu covers a good range of Indian dishes. There are dishes like Samosa or Pakora, pictured above. Starters are priced around 100 THB a dish. The mains cover a range of vegetarian and non-veg dishes like Korma, Vindaloo and Madras. For most dishes you can choose between shrimp, fish, chicken and lamb. These curries are priced between 180 THB and 250 THB. The high points of the menu though are the excellent Indian breads like Nan and Paratha. The breads are priced at 60 THB to 100 THB – they really ‘make’ the meal.

Another good point of this restaurant is that it has several menus. As well as Indian food they serve good Thai food and a tasty BBQ menu. This is really handy if you are dining with someone who doesn’t want to eat Indian food.

Om Ganesh

This is a bone fide Haad Rin institution. They have been in Haad Rin since 1997. Back then Haad Rin was quite a different place: dirt roads and single storey buildings. You have to admire the entrepreneurial zeal of these Indian businessman. In the 1990s Haad Rin wasn’t known for international food and it was a long way off being the international destination that it has become during the last decade.

The restaurant is located on the main road from the ferry pier to Sunrise beach. Its about 200 metres from the ferry pier.

The range of dishes is pretty extensive featuring dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo, Malai Kofta, Indian breads and Thalis. Expect to pay between 140 THB and 200 THB a dish.

A word of warning here: the restaurant can get very busy around the Full Moon Party. It takes a while to cook good Indian food and you may be in for a bit of a wait for your food to come when the restaurant gets very busy with party goers. If you want to sample their food at its best come in the evening at least a few days before or after the Full Moon Party.

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