Best Live Music Venue in Koh Phangan

The Jam is Koh Phangan’s only dedicated live music venue. Its located on Hin Kong beach. To get there take the coastal road from Thong Sala towards See Thanu and Haad Yao. It’s about 2 km from Thong Sala.

The Jam started in 2008 as collection of European musicians living on the island getting together weekly to play on the beach. Over the years a bar was added and stage with a roof. However, the Jam has retained the feel of a place where people come to get together to hang out and play music. On a typical night it’s a 50/50 split between people who play music and people who are just there to hear it. There is no admission fee and the drinks are reasonably priced.

The venue itself is small. There is bar, a small decked seating area, a covered stage and some chairs and tables on the beach. Very informal surroundings to match the laid back atmosphere. The fun starts from 7 pm on Saturdays pretty much every week of the year. There is normally some musicians scheduled to play for the night. Guests, with the requisite musical talents, are welcome to ask to join in and are encouraged to bring their own instruments. How long you get to play will depend on how good you are. Probably a good idea not to take yourself too seriously and just have fun.

To find out about special events either check social media or stop by in the week and check the notice board. Sometime they run a Wednesday evening ‘open mike’ event which is quieter than the Saturday night session.

UPDATE: Their website has been dropped. They still use Facebook. The bar seems to have survived the coronavirus haitus. No doubt they are raring to get the music back. Another live music venue worth mentioning is The Omega Bar in Chaloklum.