Best Koh Phangan Tree House

Best Koh Phangan Tree House

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Tree house: 1,450 to 2,600 THB

In Brief

It’s a beach front luxury tree house in a Bodhi tree at Charm Beach Resort, Ban Tai near Thong Sala.

Our Review

book Charm Beach ResortThe view from the tree house is outstanding. The Bodhi tree where the tree house is located is right on the beach front giving guests uninterrupted sea views across to neighbouring Koh Samui. The tree house is smallish and wooden but well appointed. It is air-conditioned, has cable TV with English language channels, and an en-suite bathroom with hot water. The real selling point though is the large balcony complete with hammock. You won’t want to leave, and you don’t have to as the staff will bring food up to you.


Charm Beach Resort is a small beach front resort with pool, bungalows and restaurant. It’s very nice and homely. It only gets busy around full-moon with party goers turning up in large numbers. The tree house has its own staircase so your privacy is pretty much ensured, however, if you want to make absolutely sure of your peace and quiet you might want to avoid the period immediately before and after the party. You can check the Full Moon Party dates by clicking here.

bedAs an after note, it is worth mentioning that the Bodhi Tree is a venerated tree in Thailand because the Buddha achieved enlightenment under one. Every Buddhist monastery has a Bodhi tree planted nearby.

The advantage of staying in Baan Tai is that you are near to the main town of Thong Sala, popular parties such as the Half Moon Festival and Black Moon Party, and not too far away from Haad Rin where the Full Moon Party takes place. Many people planning to visit the Full Moon Party opt to stay in Baan Tai rather than Haad Rin because there is more accommodation available, and the resorts in Baan Tai tend to be cheaper and much more relaxed than those in Haad Rin itself.

For a full list of hotels in Baan Tai see our Guide to Hotels in the South of Koh Phangan.

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