Blue and Green Sramanora Waterfall Party

Blue and Green Sramanora Waterfall Party

The Blue and Green Sramanora Waterfall Party started in 2011 and has quickly established itself as one of the best outdoor parties in Koh Phangan. Unlike most of the other parties in Koh Phangan the musical focus is not on trance but on tech/house and minimal house.


Ban Kai


500 Thai Baht

Stone River

To clear up the name of the party: ‘Sramanora’ means ‘stone river’. This is because the resort that hosts the party is alongside a waterfall with a natural rock pool where party folk can cool off. However, there isn’t much water during the drier months between March and October.

Sramanora-Waterfall-Party Sramanora-Party

Blue and Green

The ‘blue and green’ part of the party name is less obvious. There are famous techno parties in Germany that are called ‘green and blue’. Since the DJ behind this Koh Phangan party is from Germany it is a fair guess that this is where the name comes from. I believe the idea is not to dress up in green and blue clothes but to bring green weed and blue pills. It’s one of those subtle drug references.

Baan Sramanora Waterfall Resort

The party is located at Baan Sramanora Waterfall Resort. To get there from Thongsala go along the Baan Tai road past the turning to Thong Nai Pan. The turning is 5 minutes farther down the road just before the big hill. There is a sign on the left hand side of the road marking the junction. You go about 2 km on a wide concrete road until it narrows into a single dirt track. From there it is about 1km. You can get there by bike although it is difficult at night with lots of people walking the route, and taxis going back and forth. Taxis don’t go all the way – you must walk the last stretch.


Baan-Sramanora-Resort-2 Baan-Sramanora-Resort-1

Music and Colour

The party is held in a purpose built covered area next to the waterfall. Naturally, the party area is decorated in colourful psychedelic patterns. The sound system is fairly new and so pumps out a big and clear sound.

The party starts at 9 pm and finishes in the early hours of the following morning.

The resident DJ is Peter G. He is invariably joined by one of the legion of DJs whose primarily play in Koh Phangan such as Graham Gold, Pablo Escobud and DJ Boyonic.

The exact dates of Sramanora Waterfall Party have moved around in the past. At present there are two parties – one a couple of days before the Full Moon Party and one a couple of days after the FMP. If you are in Koh Phangan around the time of the full moon it is easy to find out when the waterfall party is happening.

Location of the Sramanora Waterfall Party

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