Accommodation Update for 2017

There are just 4 places to stay on the small idyllic Bottle Beach (Haad Khuat) in Koh Phangan. They are Bottle Beach 1, Bottle Beach 2, Smile Bungalow and Haad Khuat Resort. The good news is that all the resorts improved their ranking on Trip Advisor in 2017, and that Bottle Beach 2 is now available for online booking.

Nothing much has changed in Bottle Beach. And that is as it should be; after all, paradise can’t really be improved on, just spoiled. Here is a quick rundown of the accommodation options on the beach and any changes.

Haad Khuat Resort

Prices have remained the same at Haad Khuat Resort. As lots of resorts do in Koh Phangan, they have been fiddling with room descriptions: the ‘hotel sea view’ room has become the ‘superior sea view’ room. The Agoda rating remains at 7.3. Haad Khuat Resort has improved its Trip Advisor rating going from 88 to 72 in the speciality lodging category.

Smile Bungalows

The price of a fan bungalow at Smile Bungalows remains 400 Thai Baht. The price of the 2 storey bungalow has fallen from 750 to 700 Thai Baht. The family bungalow has also gone up from 700 to 800 Thai Baht.

The Agoda score for Smile Bungalow remains at 7 out of 10. The Trip Advisor rating for 2017 has improved from 70th best lodging to 59th best speciality lodging.

Bottle Beach 1

Bottle Beach 1 has the only dormitory on Bottle Beach. The bed price has gone up from 350 to 400 Thai Baht – making it the same price as a fan bungalow at Smile Bungalows or Haad Khuat Resort. The prices for bungalows at Bottle Beach 1 have gone up about 100 Thai Baht. This is not too bad as the Baht has slightly devalued since last year.

While the Agoda ranking for Bottle Beach 1 remains at 7.8 the Trip Advisor position has improved – the resort has jumped from 44th best hotel to 37th best hotel in Koh Phangan.

Bottle Beach 2

Although Bottle Beach 2 shuns Agoda they have placed themselves on This is welcome news for those who insist on booking in advance.

The prices for bungalows at Bottle Beach 2 remain the same. The resort in 2017 was recognised by Trip Advisor. It is ranked as 187 out of 356 speciality lodgings in Koh Phangan.


It is really refreshing to see all the resorts in Bottle Beach improve on their rankings on Trip Advisor. This shows the resorts despite having basic wooden fan bungalows in many cases have continued to make guests happy. This is no doubt due mainly to the friendly welcome, good customer service, beautiful natural scenery and the surprisingly good cooking at the resorts.

Prices for bungalows and rooms in Bottle Beach have shown very little change from 2016. Unlike other beaches, Bottle Beach doesn’t seem to be subject to the menace of resort owners and managers constantly tinkering with prices and online availability to squeeze out extra income when that energy would be better spent making sure accommodation is properly maintained and cleaned and that sheets are regularly changed.