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Bottle Beach 2 Resort is located at the east end of the beach. It has a collection of bungalows on the beach as well as others set back from the beach. It is a popular option with backpackers as it is has cheap and traditional accommodation. The resort also has a restaurant. Bottle Beach 2 has a minimal internet presence and is geared towards people who like to turn up at a beach and find a bungalow rather than book online. However, we are pleased it is now possible to book using T book online use the book button above.

The resort is owned by the same family as Bottle Beach 1. It has 31 bungalows available to rent. Prices for bungalows start at as little as 450 Thai Baht. If you plan to stay a week or longer you have room for negotiation over the rental price. Since Bottle Beach is remote and without independent shops guests tend to spend most of their money in one place. Indeed Bottle Beach resorts make more money by supplying food, drink and other sundries than they do on accommodation.

Accommodation Options

All the bungalows at Bottle Beach 2 are fairly basic, typical of the old school Koh Phangan style. They are on stilts with wooden walls and corrugated metal roofs.

Beachfront Bungalow – from 500 to 700 Thai Baht

There are 18 beachfront bungalows. Each has a fan, double bed, light and power point. They have tiled bathrooms with sit down toilet and cold water shower. The bungalows all have small balconies that look on to the sand. The balconies have plastic outdoor chairs to sit on. Lots of people sling up a hammock to get really comfy.

These bungalows are very close to the water. There is a small wall used as protection against the high tides of the monsoon. Being at the end of the beach there is very little passing traffic so you feel like you have your own little patch of beach to yourself.

For those who just like to chill on the beach. These bungalows are ideal. Prices for beach front bungalows at Bottle Beach 2 start at 500 Thai Baht for the low season and go up to 700 Thai Baht for the high season.

Family Bungalow – from 800 to 1,100 Thai Baht

There are 4 family bungalows near the centre of the beach. They are set back a little from the beach, but are still close enough to get to the water in just a few seconds.

The family bungalows are the same design as the other bungalows but just slightly bigger. They contain 2 double beds and so are suitable for a couple with a child. The bungalows have a fan, light and en-suite shower and toilet. Again the shower is cold water.

The price for a family bungalow at Bottle Beach 2 starts at 800 Thai Baht and rises to 1,100 Thai Baht.

Seaview Bungalow – from 450 to 600 Thai Baht

There are 8 sea view bungalows. They are on slightly elevated land behind the row of beach front bungalows. These bungalows are traditional style with double bed, fan, light and attached toilet and cold water shower. These bungalows cost between 450 and 600 Thai Baht. They are slightly cheaper because they are further from the beach. For those on a budget they are good value for money.

Viewpoint Bungalow – from 600 Thai Baht

Bottle Beach 2 has one ‘viewpoint’ bungalow that is up a small hill. The views from the bungalow are great and for some the privacy is welcome. This bungalow has 2 bedrooms. Each bedroom has a fan and light. There is one attached toilet and shower with cold water. Again the bungalow is built in traditional style with mostly local materials.

The cost to rent the viewpoint bungalow is 600 Thai Baht low season and 800 Thai Baht high season.

Standard Bungalow – from 400 Thai Baht

There are a few standard bungalows to the right of the reception and restaurant. These are the oldest bungalows. They are made of local materials with metal roofs. They have a fan, light and double bed. They don’t have a bathroom. People using the standard bungalows have to use shared bathroom facilities nearby. People are generally discouraged from staying in these cheapies and it looks like they are in the process of being knocked down or up graded to bungalows with attached toilets.



To the right of the beach front bungalows at Bottle Beach 2 Resort is the main reception and restaurant building. It is a covered building with open sides. It is a pleasant building with great views over the sands and ocean.

There is a counter for guests to check in and check out. At the counter they sell cigarettes, drinks and snacks. The restaurant has table service. The menu has a selection of dishes on offer at reasonable prices. The dishes range from Thai classics such as phad Thai, green curry and red curry to Western standards such as burgers, fries and spaghetti.

The menu also includes a variety of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. You can get smoothies, fruit juice, coke cola as well as Thai beer, Thai spirits and other Western spirits.

There is a TV with DVD player for guests to enjoy movies. In line with the ethos of Bottle Beach the restaurant and communal area is a place to relax, eat and drink; not really a place to party hard into the night.

The resort has a laundry service, a left luggage room and a safety deposit box. They also run a morning taxi service that goes via Thong Nai Pan to Thongsala. They can also arrange boat taxis.

Bottle Beach 2 is closed from 1st November to 15th December for the monsoon.


Online booking is available for Bottle Beach 2 Resort using People who stay at the resort often turn up at the resort in person and book a bungalow. Don’t worry – they nearly always have a bungalow available, and if not other accommodation is nearby.


Bottle Beach 2 is now on Trip Advisor. There are only a few reviews. They are divided between those who love the rustic charm of Bottle Beach 2 and those who find the accommodation below par. There is also mention that the rooms don’t have any plugs and that you have to pay at reception for them to charge your phone.