Can you go Fishing at Bottle Beach?

For many what makes a perfect beach holiday is not just a perfect beach but also an enjoyable activity to go with the perfect beach. We live in an age where for many just swimming in the sea is not enough. This we have the rise of adventure activities such as diving, caving, mountain biking and volunteering. Well you can’t go diving or mountain biking (yet) in Bottle Beach but there are fishing options.

Since Bottle Beach doesn’t have a coral reef there isn’t a profusion of fish just off the beach. However, you can climb onto the rocks at either end of the beach and try your luck. There is a good fishing shop in Thongsala that sells rods, lines and other fishing equipment. I have tried using a line, a hook and a bit of squid for bait. I had no success but some people manage to hook a fish this way.

There are plenty if fish to be caught off the coast of Koh Phangan. It is finding the sweet spot and of course getting that fisherman’s luck.

Bottle Beach 1 are happy to organise fishing tours for people serious about getting in a bit of fishing. The most exciting fishing is deep sea fishing with the chance of catching big barracuda and mackerel. You should aim to get on a boat bigger than a longtail if you want to go farther out to sea.

Another option is Palida Resort ( just off the Thongsala – Haad Rin Road. They are next to an inland lake and cater for those keen on fresh water fishing. The impressive fish in the picture is taken from Palida Lodge’s Facebook page.

Remember that whether you go on a fishing tour or head off for a solo fishing trip along the coast you should cover your head, wear sun block and bring plenty of water. Standing in the hot Koh Phangan sun for any length of time can seriously dehydrate you.