Bottle Beach and the Monsoon

There are two things to note in relation to the monsoon in Koh Phangan. Firstly, the start date and finish date of the worst weather is unpredictable until close to the traditional ‘monsoon season’. Secondly, Koh Phangan is virtually empty during the worst of the rains, and this is especially true of Bottle Beach. Only […]

Box Jellyfish

In August 2014 a French boy died in Bottle Beach. While swimming in the sea the boy was stung by a box jellyfish. He died shortly afterwards. The box jellyfish is has one of the most lethal stings in the animal world. Should you be worried about swimming in the sea at Bottle Beach? The […]

Bottle Beach 1 Leaflet

Below are 6 scans showing Bottle Beach 1 Resort’s leaflet. The leaflet was produced a few years ago but still remains the one in use. The English used is quite good. Here is the opening paragraph and strap line: Float Yourself to Paradise Welcome to Bottle Beach The most beautiful beach on Koh Phangan! If […]