Christmas on Bottle Beach

What’s Bottle Beach like at Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Quiet is the answer. Bottle Beach remains a secluded and isolated slice of paradise. People come to Bottle Beach to escape the crowds. So it is no surprise that the place remains peaceful all year round.

That is not to say that it is boring being in Bottle Beach for Christmas. Far from it; people have an extra bounce to their step and seem to take even more pleasure in doing the simple things like having a swim, lying on the beach or going for a meal.

Naturally tourists and the longer stay visitors will splash out on more expensive meals like BBQ fish or steak. There might even be a possibility of turkey. It is available in Thongsala and there is always the option of buying it and getting one of the resorts on Bottle Beach to rustle up a traditional turkey roast for Christmas – if they can find an oven or pizza oven.

In the evening people stay up for a few drinks but don’t expect the resorts to do much. The music goes off at midnight and the sound of the ocean dominates again. You sometimes find a few people partying on outside their bungalow. It being Bottle Beach, once a great hippy get-away, there will probably be someone with a guitar.

For those keen on celebrating the occasions of Christmas and New Year’s Eve with a lot more of a bang, there is of course Haad Rin. The home of the Full Moon Party is throwing big parties for both dates. Ask your Bottle Beach resort for information about taxis to and from the parties if you want to go. There might be boat taxis available as well, although December sometimes has a choppy sea in the wake of the recently finished monsoon.

Minimum Stay Requirement, Available Rooms and Compulsory Meals

Bottle Beach 1 charges 750 Thai Baht per adult for a compulsory New Year’s Eve dinner. There is also a minimum 5 night’s stay requirement for New Year’s Eve.

Haad Khuad Resort doesn’t have a compulsory Xmas or New Year’s Eve buffet. There is, however, a minimum stay requirement of 5 days for New Year’s Eve bookings.

These 2 Bottle Beach Resorts have rooms and bungalows still available for Xmas and New Year. Smile Bungalows is booked up but might have a few bungalows available for the period between the 25th December and 1st January. It is unclear if they have a compulsory Christmas or New Year’s Eve gala dinner or lunch.

Bottle Beach 1 is holding out on the internet age and only those brave enough to just turn up will know if they can stay in the budget bungalow outfit for the peak season.