Facebook and Bottle Beach

I am not really a fan of Facebook as it tends to attract total dross; just drivel that people post about themselves in the vain hope that it will attract a few likes and other emoticons from supposed ‘friends’.

I say friends in parenthesis because if you try and engage with these people and suggest, for example, a drink they invariably back away. It’s as if social media fans only want digital rather than real friends.

Having got my rant off my chest, I wanted to write a short blog post about the Bottle Beach 1 Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BottleBeach1/). I find it interesting because it does a good job capturing a few years of history. One day something changes on the beach and then 6 months later people have lost any memory of anything being any different.

At present Bottle Beach fans can remember the years when there was no road to Bottle Beach. Give it 5 more years and people will be calling that fact into doubt. It is pages on the internet like the Bottle 1 Facebook page that stand between us and the total loss of the recent past. These are the fragments that we shore up against the blankness.

Sadly, the person who started the page appears to have given up. It is a shame. The page was started in January 1st, 2007. The first post helpfully tells us that ‘Paul’ set up a scuba shop.

The next post is 2011 and it shows a picture of the beachfront restaurant with a comment that the ‘new and improved’ restaurant front took only 38 days to construct.

2012 kicked off with an update in January that told the general public that the restaurant had a new flat screen TV, and who ever posted promised ‘your favorite sports, national geographic shows, concerts, and shows from around the world in our restaurant lounge.’ For me the thought of Bottle Beach 1 restaurant being my portal from which to view the world fills me with awe; a bit like Jesus kicking back in heaven (or Mars) and watching the ‘best selling show’.

2012 was the year for improvement. On March 25th it was posted that there was a new massage area next to the pool offering privacy and tranquillity. On the same day it was announced in Icelandic media that new bike paths were going to be laid. Big day that.

And sadly that is it. The latest posts just implore people to post pictures and comments about Bottle Beach 1. The last post by the author was January 7th, 2014. The quality of the English had dropped:

“Wellcome friends enjoy real holiday.”

Oh where are the updates about the beach, the news of changes to the menu, the birth of a puppy? Even a dumb ‘we are celebrating the Full Moon’ picture wouldn’t have gone a miss.

The faintest flicker of life was spotted on this page very recently on February 29th, 2016 (a leap day) when Penny Bevan (a big Obama fan) posted 3 nice pictures of her holiday on Bottle Beach.

We can only hope that these 3 photos are like messages in a bottle that get washed up eventually on the page owner’s email box and incite another post and awesome update.