Is there Electricity on Bottle Beach?

Bottle Beach is still one of only a handful of beaches in Koh Phangan not connected to the main electrical grid of the island. Over recent years many beaches have been connected to the grid as infrastructure on Koh Phangan continues to improve. No doubt in a few years Bottle Beach will feel the benefit of mains power.

You might be worried that you will be renting a bungalow that will be stifling hot because there is no electricity for air-con or fan. Things aren’t that desperate. Each of the resorts has its own diesel powered generator. If you wander to the back of a resort you will hear its distinctive hum.

Each resort has its own schedule for generator use. Generally you get power in your room in the morning and the evening. They switch the power off in the afternoon to conserve fuel. This means you get power during the night when it can be hot and humid and hard to sleep without at least a fan going.

For many this is the charm of Bottle Beach. It is not a place for convenience. You won’t get 4G or 3G connections; you don’t have shops, bars and night clubs a short moped ride away; you can’t stroll down the road and join a party. This is a place with limited connections to the outside world and limited facilities of modern life.

And if it gets hot in your bungalow in the afternoon, we recommend going for a little swim in the sea followed by a cold drink in the shade.

On a more serious note, development is driven by investment. This means when someone decides to build a hotel on Bottle Beach the political will and funds will appear to connect Bottle Beach to the electricity grid on the island. It is noticeable that as Thong Nai Pan Noi became more and more of a ‘5 star destination’ it got mains electricity and a paved road. It is planned to get a nearby reservoir, and talks are in progress to resurrect Koh Phangan Airport down the road. Money talks.

Although Bottle Beach won’t be hosting the new Rasananda or Santhiya anytime soon, development will no doubt make its way to the north east corner of Koh Phangan. That’s why it is a good idea to get to Bottle Beach soon before it all changes.