Scans from 1997

My 5-year-old daughter was recently searching in my messy bookshelf and came upon a collection of old photos from one of our first trips to Thailand and to Bottle Beach – long before my daughter was born! Here they are. I love the feel of old photos. Each photo cost money; it was valuable so […]

Facebook and Bottle Beach

I am not really a fan of Facebook as it tends to attract total dross; just drivel that people post about themselves in the vain hope that it will attract a few likes and other emoticons from supposed ‘friends’. I say friends in parenthesis because if you try and engage with these people and suggest, […]

Bird Watching in Bottle Beach

I don’t know much about the names of all the different birds that I’ve seen around Bottle Beach and around Koh Phangan island. While some birds are far from shy (I’ve been attacked by birds in Koh Phangan), many others avoid the tourist spots and are harder to see. I was staying in Thong Tapan […]

A Brief History of Bottle Beach

Bottle Beach like the other beaches on Koh Phangan doesn’t really have any written history. Prior to the internet information about Koh Phangan was severely limited. Even today the older generations on the island are reluctant to commit their memories to digital posterity. Even something as fundamental as when and where the first Full Moon […]

Bottle Beach and the Monsoon

There are two things to note in relation to the monsoon in Koh Phangan. Firstly, the start date and finish date of the worst weather is unpredictable until close to the traditional ‘monsoon season’. Secondly, Koh Phangan is virtually empty during the worst of the rains, and this is especially true of Bottle Beach. Only […]