Scans from 1997

View from sea
View from sea
View point looking east
view point looking west
View point looking west
working langur
the look
the look

My 5-year-old daughter was recently searching in my messy bookshelf and came upon a collection of old photos from one of our first trips to Thailand and to Bottle Beach – long before my daughter was born!

Here they are. I love the feel of old photos. Each photo cost money; it was valuable so you tried to pick your moment. You didn’t hold your phone in front of you and just snapped everything. Indeed I took very few pictures.
I guess I was too busy chilling, swimming, playing cards and enjoying the great food.

I do remember doing the viewpoint walk for the first time. We didn’t pass anyone and were starting worry that we had taken a wrong turn, when suddenly we came out in the open. It was an impressive view. the waves were hitting the coast with some force that day which added to the drama of the spectacle.

Another spectacle was the capturing of the monitor lizard. I was strolling around the bungalow when I came upon a Thai bloke, another foreigner and a young Thai girl. We looked from a distance at the captive monster flick its forked tongue. Nasty beast. (Not like the lovely monkey up the tree in the shade. It was used to pick coconuts).

While I struck up a rapport with the Thai chap (the man who had trapped the dragon) with the dapper moustache, the foreigner appears to be giving me the sceptical eye. Oh well. Every picture tells a tale. I bet the little girl is now running her own business in Koh Phangan.

The other photo I found was of the boat approach to Bottle Beach. It looks stunning. The colour of the sea transports me in my
mind’s eye to a tropical paradise. Those were the days, of course, when the only way in and out was via the sea or a jungle hike.