Bottle Beach 1

Bottle Beach 1 is the original resort on Bottle Beach and still a great favourite with both new visitors and returning friends to Bottle Beach. The resort offers a good range of accommodation that includes bungalows and dormitory beds as well as a popular restaurant, communal swimming pool and bar. It is located at the […]


There are 4 places to stay in Bottle Beach. They are Smile Bungalows, Bottle Beach 1, Haad Khuat Resort and Bottle Beach 2. They all have traditional Koh Phangan bungalows on stilts near the beach. Prices start at 400 Thai Baht a night for a basic bungalow near the beach and go up to over […]

Facebook and Bottle Beach

I am not really a fan of Facebook as it tends to attract total dross; just drivel that people post about themselves in the vain hope that it will attract a few likes and other emoticons from supposed ‘friends’. I say friends in parenthesis because if you try and engage with these people and suggest, […]

Bottle Beach 1 Leaflet

Below are 6 scans showing Bottle Beach 1 Resort’s leaflet. The leaflet was produced a few years ago but still remains the one in use. The English used is quite good. Here is the opening paragraph and strap line: Float Yourself to Paradise Welcome to Bottle Beach The most beautiful beach on Koh Phangan! If […]