Recommendations for Suratthani

Suratthani City is the administrative centre for the Suratthani Province that includes Koh Phangan. It is the eighth biggest city in Thailand and remains the gateway to Southern Thailand. While many tourists fly in and out of Koh Samui Airport, just as many catch a plane, train or bus to Suratthani from where they transfer to the islands in the Gulf of Thailand.

Cheap Hotel in Suratthani

The Thai Rung Ruang (191-199 Rungruang Rd, Surat Thani. T: (077) 273 249, (077) 286 351) is a good cheap mid-range option in the center of town for about 500 Thai Baht. It offers big rooms with double beds or two twins both fan and air-con. The hotel has an attractive lobby and a dining area. However, just around the corner is the night market where you can see an eye-catching selection of Thai street food as well as Thais at play, enjoying browsing the stores and having a bite to eat.

Rung Ruang Mansion is conveniently located near plenty of travel agents and the private bus station (the government bus stop has moved to a spot on the outskirts of the city). For those looking for an early start in order to get to Myanmar and back in a day this hotel has been an ideal stop over point. Recommended travel agent is Phangan Tour 2000: it is the best provider of bus/boat tickets to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

While Suratthani City is not an attractive place to explore the province itself is full of wonderful places to visit. Not only does the province contain the Samui Archipelago it also has Khao Sok National Park. This is one of the best national parks in Thailand. It is reached via the Suratthani-Takuapa road and takes a couple of hours from the city.

Khao Sok National Park

The national park covers 728,000 square kilometers. A big chunk of the province has been given over to wild habitat for a variety of flora and fauna. Animals you can spot include:

“gaur, banteng, sambar deer, bear, Malayan tapir, macaque, gibbon, serow, mouse deer, porcupine, marbled cat, wild boar, and Asian wild dog. It also acts as the natural habitat for several for several bird species.”
According to the park website.

There is also canoeing, white water rafting, water tubing, mountain biking, hiking and camping to enjoy. There are plenty of cheap package deals to be found at travel agents offering 1 or 2 nights in the park. A bit of research on the net can find you the tour that suits you; and being Thailand, it is also possible to travel independently to the park.

The park contains a large lake with impressive limestone rock islands to explore by canoe. There are several companies with lake bungalows on the lake. They vary in luxury, but they are in a spectacular location.

100 Islands Resort and Spa

If you do decide to come and go from Suratthani city a few times a better accommodation option is 100 Island Resort and Spa. The address is 19/6 Moo 3 By pass Road, Makhamtia, Muang Suratthani, Thailand 84000. And the telephone number is +66(0) 7720 150-8.

The hotel is a little bit out of town but the relaxing atmosphere and better facilities lead many to consider the 100 Island to be the best hotel in Suratthani. It feels like a proper resort. There is a pool and spa. You can enjoy a sauna, a massage or a facial treatment. There is also a restaurant and outdoor bar.

A present (Feb 2013) a twin room costs 700 Baht, and a room with double bed costs 1,000 Baht. This price includes breakfast. Since majority of the customers are well off Thais, or Chinese-Thais touring or doing business, the breakfast has a great selection of
fried rice, noodles, curries, salads, and fruit but not so appealing Western options.

The hotel has two restaurants, one of which is outside with a BBQ station and chef. For more eating options as well as shopping opposite 100 Islands Resort and Spa is a shopping centre with a large Tesco Lotus, Home Pro store, cinema complex, and several chain restaurants including KFC. The complex shuts down at 9pm.

Other food options include nearby food stalls. I ate a very tasty noodle soup in the nearby noodle stall, one of the best I have had in Thailand. It cost 90 Baht for two and included side dishes like fresh herbs and pork crackling, which are added to the soup to taste.

The hotel is architecturally interesting. It is built in the style of a Southern Thai mansion. The lobby is magnificent with wooden panelling and two grand staircases. The rooms are well-appointed, with air-con, satellite TV and decent bathrooms.

You need to take a taxi to reach transport terminals. It’s about 10 minutes (50 to 100 Baht per person) to get to Phangan Tour 2000. It’s a 25 minute journey to the train station (350 baht by private taxi) in Phun Phin, and a 35 minute journey to the airport (around 450 baht for a private taxi).

Suratthani might seem like a chore but it needn’t be. It is a bit ugly and seedy in places but it is a pleasant staging post for exploring southern Thailand. The city has a few good hotels, plenty of shops and generally a laid-back feel. Moreover, Suratthani is well connected by air and has several boat options to the islands. There is also a handy rail link that goes nearly the entire length of the ‘leg’ of Thailand from the Malaysian border to Bangkok.


Hotels in South of Koh Phangan

Thong Sala

Mid Range:

Phanganchai 3 Star – from 850 THB
Reasonable hotel located opposite the ferry pier in the town centre.
Phangan Centre Point Hotel
Phangan Centre Point Hotel 2 Star – from 800 THB


Mid range city hotel 10 minute walk from the ferry pier.
The 1 Boutique Hotel
The 1 Boutique Hotel 2 Star – from 800 THB
Small, but smart, rooms about 10 minutes from ferry pier.



Phatchara Guesthouse
Phatchara Guesthouse 2 Star – from 690 THB
Adequate quality small guest house 15 minutes walk from the ferry pier.


Lime N Soda
Lime N Soda Beachfront Resort 3 Star – from 560 THB
Cheap but well presented and well managed.



Sandee Backpackers 1 Star – from 250 THB
6 and 8 bed mixed dorms. 10 minute walk from the ferry pier.

Ban Tai

Mid Range:

Sunshine Residence 3 Star – from 4,400 THB
2 x two bedroom villas. One with pool. Fully managed.


Phangan Palm Beach Resort
Phangan Palm Beach Resort 3 Star – from 2,850 THB
Good quality small resort.


Power Beach Resort
Power Beach 3 Star – from 1,600 THB
Large bungalow resort. Popular choice for Full Moon Party.
Dew Shore Resort
Dew Shore Resort 3 Star – from 1,080 THB
Peaceful resort with large bungalows in a variety of styles.


Phangan Island View Hotel
Phangan Island View Hotel 3 Star – from 1,000 THB
Efficient and friendly mid range hotel. No bungalows.


B52 Beach Resort
B52 Beach Resort 3 Star – from 1,000 THB
Good quality beach front bungalows with good facilities.


Phangan Orchid Resort
Phangan Orchid Resort 3 Star – from 950 THB
Well appointed rooms. Pool, restaurant, and beach front location.


Oceanus Resort
Oceanus Resort 2 Star – from 940 THB
Friendly, but basic, beach front wooden bungalows.


Milky Bay Resort 3 Star – from 890 THB
Very popular resort. Good bungalows and good food.


Sabaii Bay Resort
Sabaii Bay Resort 3 Star – from 890 THB
Large resort with some good quality rooms.


Bantai Resort
Bantai Resort 1 Star – from 800 THB
Larger concrete and wooden bungalows with good amenities.


First Villa Beach Resort
First Villa Beach Resort 3 Star – from 790 THB
Value for money rooms and bungalows in beach front location.


Da Kanda Villa Beach
Da Kanda Villa Beach Resort 3 Star – from 700 THB
Nice beach front bungalow resort with swimming pool.


Phangan Villa Beach Bungalow
Phangan Villa Beach Bungalow 2 Star – from 700 THB
Cluster of basic concrete beach front bungalows. Few facilities.


Charm Beach 3 Star – from 630 THB
Excellent old school beach bungalow resort. Amazing tree house.
Field Paradise 1 Hotel
Field Paradise 1 Hotel 2 Star – from 500 THB
Micro resort on the beach front. Value for money.


Namthip Home Beach
Namthip Home Beach 1 Star – from 500 THB
Basic wooden bungalows on the beach.


Palida Fishing Bungalows
Palida Fishing Bungalows 1 Star – from 500 THB
Small bungalows near fishing lake. Fishing equipment for hire.
Phangan Beach Resort
Phangan Beach Resort 2 Star – from 490 THB
Variety of accommodation types. Popular with Full Moon Party goers.


Hacienda Resort
Hacienda Resort & Beach Club / Asia Blue Beach Hostel 3 Star – from 400 THB
Aimed at backpackers and party goers. Popular choice for the Full Moon Party.


The Blue Parrot Beach Resort
The Blue Parrot Beach Resort 1 Star – from 400 THB
19 concrete bungalows on the beach. Popular option every Full Moon Party.


My Palace
My Palace 1 Star – from 350 THB
Friendly and value for money. Cross the road to reach the beach.


Meridian Khoa Tam
Meridian Khoa Tam 1 Star – from 350 THB

Phangan Riversand Ban Tai 1 Star – from 300 THB
Very cheap bamboo bungalows run by lovely Thai family.



A1 Koh Phangan Guesthouse
A1 Koh Phangan Guesthouse & Hostel 2 Star – from 400 THB
10 person mixed dormitories and guest rooms. Good choice for the Full Moon Party.


Mem's Place Hostel
Mem’s Place Hostel 1 Star – from 250 THB
5 and 10 bed mixed dormitories. Convenient location for the Half Moon and Full Moon Party.



Chantaramas Resort & Spa
Chantaramas Resort & Spa 5 Star – from 2,500 THB
Most luxurious resort on the South coast. Service to international standards.


Mid Range:

Hansa Resort
Hansa Resort 3 Star – from 2,200 THB
Lively and well managed resort with bungalows and hotel rooms.


Bay Lounge & Resort
Bay Lounge & Resort 3 Star – from 2,000 THB
Resort with club like feel. Start your Full Moon Party here.


Phangan Cottage
Phangan Cottage 3 Star – from 1,000 THB
Bungalows, some good, some bad. Small pool.


Morning Star
Morning Star Resort 3 Star – from 900 THB
Friendly family run resort with good bungalows and swimming pool.


Beer Bungalows
Beer Bungalows 2 Star – from 800 THB
Mid range bungalows and hotels on the beach front.


Phangan Rainbow Bungalows
Phangan Rainbow Bungalows 2 Star – from 720 THB
Relaxing beach front resort with wooden bungalows and nice restaurant.


Thong Yang Bungalows
Thong Yang Bungalows 2 Star – from 680 THB
Long running budget resort with great sea view bungalows.


Mac's Bay Resort
Mac’s Bay Resort 3 Star – from 600 THB
Hotel rooms and bungalows. Beach front location. Lively/noisy at times.


Sea Love Bungalows
Sea Love Bungalows 1 Star – from 500 THB
Beach front resort with wooden bungalows. Rustic charm.


My Phangan Resort
My Phangan Resort 1 Star – from 500 THB
Relaxed beach front resort with basic wooden bungalows.
Jamaica Inn
Jamaica Inn 1 Star – from 470 THB
Basic concrete bungalows near the beach. Few amenities.


Tanouy Garden Resort
Tanouy Garden Resort 2 Star – from 300 THB
Good value for money choice with pool and restaurant. Great garden setting.


Green Peace Bungalows
Green Peace Bungalows / One More Night Beach Resort 1 Star – from 175 THB
Basic clean rooms at value for money prices.



Echo Beach Backpackers Resort
Echo Beach Backpackers Resort 1 Star – from 100 THB
4, 6, 8, 10, 12 bed mixed dormitories. Lively atmosphere.


Hotels in North of Koh Phangan

Bottle Beach


Haad Khuat Resort
Haad Khuad Resort 1 star from 400 THB
Traditional beach bungalows and hotel style rooms. Popular resort


Bottle Beach Resort 1
Bottle Beach 1 Resort 2 star from 700 THB
Family friendly resort with bungalows and pool


Smile Bungalows
Smile Bungalows 1 star from 380 THB
Basic bungalows on the beach. Friendly staff




Wattana Resort from 2 stars 400 THB
Comfortable beachfront bungalows with restaurant


Mid Range

Viva on the Beach
Viva on the Beach Hotel from 2 stars 500 THB
Italian owned hotel in the village. Has a guest gym.


Malibu Beach Bungalows
Malibu Beach Bungalows from 2 stars 1000 THB
Traditional bungalows and best beachfront location


Buri Tara
Buri Tara Resort and Spa from 3 stars 1,400 THB
Family friendly resort with pool and restaurant


Mandalai Hotel 3 stars from 2250 THB
Modern boutique hotel with pool in open courtyard


Chaloklum Bay Resort
Chaloklum Bay Resort 3 stars from 1,800 THB
Well run resort with 30 villas in a garden next to the beach


Haad Khom


Coconut Beach Bungalows
Coconut Beach and Garden Bungalows from 300 1 star THB
Newly built spacious bungalows. Resort has restaurant


Ocean View Resort
Ocean View Resort 1 star from 550 THB
Good range of stylish bungalows with beachfront restaurant


Haad Thong Lang

Mid Range

Phangan Utopia Resort
Phangan Utopia Resort 3 stars from 990 THB
Friendly hill top resort with good quality bungalows, pool and restaurant


Mae Haad

Mid Range

Mae Haad Bay Resort
Mae Haad Bay Resort 4 star from 2,300 THB
Big resort with rooms and villas and plenty of facilities


Island View Cabana
Koh Ma Beach Resort 2 star from 300 THB
Great value beachfront bungalows. Recommended budget option


Best Hostels in Haad Rin

Haad Rin is the heart of the action for the party people that come to Koh Phangan. This is where the famous Full Moon Party is held every month. It is a party that attracts all types of people. However, the biggest group are young backpackers on a budget. For those wanting to stay in Haad Rin during the party the best option for the budget traveller is a hostel. Over recent years a number of hostels have appeared in Haad Rin catering for those who just want a bed and a locker to store their possessions. It is the cheapest way to do the Full Moon Party. Moreover, for those staying in Haad Rin there is no entry fee to pay to go to the Full Moon Party.

Below is our list of the best 5 hostels in Haad Rin. We rate the hostels in terms of value for money, amenities offered, atmosphere and reviews. If you have stayed in one of these hostels please use our polls and leave a comment. Your feedback will help your fellow travellers.

#1 Our House

Central Haad Rin on Tommy Street, behind Tommy Resort. Our House is ideally located for backpackers who want to go to the Full Moon Party. The hostel is located in the centre of Haad Rin, just 30 seconds from the beach where the party is held. Our House is behind Tommy Resort on Tommy Street.

It is a fairly big hostel with plenty of dorm beds. There is a 36 bed room, a 12 bed room and a 10 bed room. They all have shared bathroom, lockers, air-con and a hair dryer. A bed costs 200 Thai Baht a night. It doesn’t include a meal. Check in is at 2pm and check out is 10.30am.

The beds are new and there is a good ratio of bathrooms and toilets per guests. These are two important considerations when choosing a hostel. There is also free wifi.

The resort has a bar, restaurant, TV room, lounge, pool table and travel desk. Included in the price is clean bed linen and use of the luggage room. There is a basic kitchen open to guest use.

The bar has discounted drinks for guests staying at the bar; it plays ambient music and shows live sports events.

The minimum stay for the Full Moon Party is 5 nights. During the peak season (Christmas and New Year) the minimum stay is 7 nights.

Our House is our number hostel in Haad Rin as it combines good amenities with a cheap price. It also has mostly good reviews on the various review sites.


#2 Fubar Hostel

Fubar Hostel describes itself as ‘designer hostel’ that is ‘European-managed and energy orientated’. It is located just seconds from Haad Rin Sunrise Beach at the southern end of the beach behind Zoom Bar.
This hostel is geared around the Full Moon Party. They put on a boat tour of the island for guests that visits Than Sadet waterfall and goes to the best snorkeling spots. They also have a popular full moon after party with DJs pumping out solid electro and house tunes.

There are 22, 17 and 6 bed dorms. Dorm beds start at just over 200 Thai Baht a night. This includes bed linen, free wifi, secure locker and access to a hair dryer. The 6 bed dorm is in the attic and has a sea view.

There is an extensive and reasonably priced menu at the restaurant / bar. You can get baked potatoes, toasties, baguettes, pasta, pizza, burgers and Thai food. The bar stocks cold bottled beers and spirits as well as soft drinks.

Fubar Hostel also offers a download service for music and movies. One wonders about copyright laws!

Reviews of Fubar Hostel on Hostelbookers are mostly positive. A few people complained about the noise from the bar. This is a party hostel and you shouldn’t stay here if you like to go to bed early and sober. Other negative comments mention the toilets and showers not being cleaned on a regular basis. Also several guests complained about the poor state of the rooms for rent.

While Fubar has attracted a few negative comments we like this hostel because it has loads of character. It is run by a young and energetic cooperative of people who obviously love Koh Phangan and the Full Moon Party. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they encourage guests to become part of the ‘Fu family’.


#4 A Phangan Hostel

A Phangan Hostel is near Haad Rin pier near the quieter Haad Rin Nai (Sunset beach). They claim their guests are near the party action but also can get a good night’s sleep.

A Phangan Hostel has dorm beds starting at 190 Thai Baht a night. The price includes air-con, en-suite bathrooms, clean linen and towels, use of the luggage room, secure lockers and free wifi.

Check-in and check-out is 12 noon. The hostel doesn’t have a bar or restaurant, but there are plenty of eating and drinking options nearby. Indeed not having a bar helps to make this a less rowdy hostel as those seeking all-night intoxication and loud music have to go elsewhere.

Few people left any negative feedback about Phangan Hostel. One person complained that the air-con was too good (this is a common problem in Thailand), and another felt there weren’t enough toilets per person. Other guests do mention the hostel location is quieter than other spots in Haad Rin.

This hostel might not stand out immediately as one of the best in Haad Rin but for the price and the chance of an undisturbed sleep it deserves to be included on the list.


#3 Gallery Dorm

Gallery Dorm is a small hostel near Haad Rin pier. It has 14 beds in an upstairs dorm. A bed costs just 150 Thai Baht in an air-con room.

Down stairs is a small bar and restaurant that is open 24/7. The hostel is keen to promote itself as ideal for party people and musicians. There are bongos, didgeridoos and guitar for guests’ use. They also have a set of decks and mixer for CD DJs to show off their moves. Guests get discounted prices for food and drink.

This is a small and intimate hostel and might suit people who like to jam late into the night. Not good for those sleeping upstairs.

There is only one toilet for the dorm and there seems to be a security issue with people able to go from the bar into the dorm upstairs. Otherwise, guests have few bad things to say about Gallery Dorm.

We gave Gallery Dorm third spot because it eschews the common ‘ship em and ship em out’ approach of hostels. Gallery Dorm wants to be a place for guests and friends to hang out and discover more about their fellow dorm companions.


#6 Bed and Bar

Bed and Bar is a small hostel in the centre of Haad Rin. They have an 18 bed dorm. Bed prices start at 750 Thai Baht. The price includes air-con, linen and use of the luggage room. They also have safety boxes for guests to put their valuables.

The dorm is upstairs. Downstairs there is a common area with TV and shared computer. There is also free wifi in the hostel.

This is a basic hostel with high bed prices.


#5 Electro Hostel

Electro Hostel is on Tommy Street in the centre of Haad Rin. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the hostel from Haad Rin pier and just 20 seconds from Sunrise Beach.

It is a new hostel with a 10 bed dorm. The dorm has air-con, and the price includes bed linen and towel. Guests get their own locker and access to free wifi.

There is a common area with TV. There is also a tour desk for booking tours.

Electro Hostel doesn’t have a restaurant. There is, however, a beer garden outside. This is a non-smoking hostel, so those who want a cigarette have to go outside.

A bed in the dorm costs 350 Thai Baht. Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out is 1 pm.

There is a minimum stay requirement of 2 nights.

Electro Hostel makes it to number five of our list of best hostels in Haad Rin for its reasonable price and because it is the ‘best of the rest’.


#3 Mickey Hostel

Mickey Hostel is a fairly new hostel in Haad Rin with comfortable bunk beds for rent. The hostel has 13 bunk beds that can hold 26 people. The room is air-con and the linen is clean and regularly changed. The hostel is on the main road in centre of Haad Rin.

Although Mickey Hostel costs a bit more than other Haad Rin hostels it does have the advantage of having 4 bathrooms. Other hostels in Haad Rin have 1 bathroom for a dorm. This means one person taking a long shower or admiring him or herself in the mirror can lead to frayed tempers from others waiting to use the toilet.

A bed at Mickey Hostel costs 550 Thai Baht. This includes a locker, free wifi, bed linen and a towel. There is also free tea and coffee available throughout the day.

Mickey Hostel is a simple hostel without bar or restaurant. The reason we like this hostel is that the mattresses are new, and more comfortable than many other mattresses in Haad Rin.

The minimum stay for the full moon party is either 5 or 7 nights depending on the season.


Haad Thian West

There are 2 Haad Thian (also spelt ‘Tien’) beaches in Koh Phangan. Both of them are small beaches tucked away in coves and over-shadowed in popularity by more famous beaches nearby. On the south east coast there is Haad Thian East which has a famous yoga / New Age place called the Sanctuary as well as a few bungalow resorts. Haad Thian West is located between the two most popular beaches on the west coast – Haad Yao (to the south) and Haad Salad (to the north). There is one place to stay at Haad Thian West – that is Haad Thian Beach Resort. For those looking for a ‘private beach’ experience, but without the isolation and poor access Haad Thian West is a great holiday option.

Haad Thian West is a 15-minute drive from the main port town of Thongsala. You take the western coastal road and take a left at the junction past the turning for Haad Yao West. This road goes straight to Haad Gruad; to get to Haad Thian West take a left turn.

The beach at Haad Thian West is quite small, about 70 meters across. The white sand is slightly course as it is mixed with coral. A short distance out from the coast is a coral reef. This makes swimming in the sea better during the high tidal months from April to November. During other months the best swimming option is to cross the coral reef and swim in the open sea. One fun activity at Haad Thian West is exploring the corals b snorkelling. For those who want to dive there are several dive shops at Haad Yao and Haad Salad.

Accommodation at Haad Thian West consists of one resort called (not surprisingly) Haad Thian Beach Resort. It is a friendly, family-run resort with a good range of bungalows for rent. A basic bungalow with fan costs just 490 Thai Baht during the low season. There are also basic fan bungalows with two double beds. The ‘superior room’ is a concrete bungalow with air-con, satellite TV, DVD player and hot water. These start at 1,090 Thai Baht. Deluxe rooms are beachfront bungalows with large balconies as well as air-con, hot water shower, satellite TV, DVD player, mini bar and tea and coffee making facilities. These start at 1,690 Thai Baht per night. The same facilities are available in rooms located in an accommodation block. There is also one ocean view room and one family room with sea views.

The resort has a restaurant and bar serving a range of beverages and, of course, delicious home cooked Thai food as well as burgers, sandwiches, pasta and French fries. For sun worshippers there is a medium sized pool next to the beach with sun loungers. Other facilities include a convenience store, table tennis, laundry service, booking centre, internet shop, Wi-Fi, Thai massage and vehicle rental. In short, Haad Thian Beach Resort provides everything needed for a fun and stress-free holiday on a quiet and beautiful beach. Currently, Haad Thien Beach Resort in Koh Phangan (not Koh Tao) is unavailable for online booking with either or Agoda.

And for those who want to explore the small beach of Haad Gruad is just a couple of miles away. There is also the nightlife of nearby Haad Yao to explore and the laid back vibe of Haad Salad experience.

Haad Thian West is not the most beautiful beach in Koh Phangan, but it is one of the most relaxed. It has one resort and so is spared a long row of businesses across the beach. Most evenings there is a fantastic sunset over the ocean. This is a place where you can enjoy nature’s spectacle without interruption.

Accommodation in Haad Rin


The Coast Resort Koh Phangan 4 Star – from 2,800 THB
Haad Rin’s most luxurious and stylish resort.


Best Western Phanganburi Resort 3 Star – from 2,000 THB
International standard resort. Safe choice.

Mid range

Moonstone Villa 2 Star – from 3,000 THB
1 bedroom villa with sea-view and lounge with sofa bed. Sleeps 4. Steep access.


Palita Lodge 3 Star – from 1,800 THB
High quality mid range resort on the Full Moon Party beach.


Phangan Bayshore Resort 3 Star – from 1,560 THB
Large hotel style resort on the Full Moon Party beach.


Neptune’s Villa Hotel 3 Star – from 1,550 THB
Bungalows and hotel rooms. Good standard accommodation 5 minutes away from the Full Moon Party.


Sea Breeze Resort 3 Star – from 1,500 THB
Good quality bungalows with fantastic hill top views.


Sarikantang Resort & Spa 3 Star – from 1,400 THB
One of Haad Rin’s best resorts. Two pools and a beach bar. High standard accommodation. 10 minute walk to the Full Moon Party beach.


Cocohut Village Beach Resort 3 Star – from 1,400 THB
Great resort with a variety of room types from wooden bungalows to pool villas. Full range of facilities.


Rin Beach Resort 3 Star – from 1,100 THB
Good quality resort. Rooms range from basic to luxury.


Hillside Bungalows 2 Star – from 1,050 THB
Basic rooms in a quieter location. 10 minute walk to Full Moon Party.


Delight Resort 3 Star – from 1,020 THB
Hotel rooms of varying quality in a town centre location with good restaurant on site. 3 minute walk to the Full Moon Party.


Blue Marine Resort 2 Star – from 1,000 THB
Friendly resort in a peaceful beach side setting. Range of accommodation available.

Sun Beach Resort 2 Star – from 1,000 THB
Bungalows in a good location with good facilities, but the rooms are basic. 5 minute walk to the Full Moon Party.


Moonstone Studio 2 Star – from 1,000 THB
Selection of studio apartments about 20 minutes walk from town centre and Full Moon Party.


Sunrise Resort 3 Star – from 950 THB
Basic accommodation right on the Full Moon Party beach. Free WiFi.


Chang Phueak Phangan Resort 3 Star – from 900 THB
Nicely decorated bungalows on the hillside overlooking the Full Moon Party beach.


Black & White Guesthouse 2 Star – from 900 THB
Comfortable rooms for backpackers with TVs and toilets. In town centre a 5 minute walk from the Full Moon Party.


Blue Hill Resort 3 Star – from 800 THB
Good quality sea-view bungalows on a steep hillside. 15 minutes from town centre.


Paradise Bungalows 2 Star – from 800 THB
Basic hotel rooms and concrete bungalows on the Party beach. Really good pool area for the price.



Supreeya Guesthouse 1 Star – from 1,700 THB
Basic bungalows with 4 single beds. On the Full Moon Party beach.


Venus Resort 1 Star – from 800 THB
Basic wooden bungalows in a hillside location overlooking the Full Moon Party beach.


Baan Talay Guest House 2 Star – from 750 THB
Above average guest house in Haad Rin town centre. Free WiFi.

Black & White Bungalows 1 Star – from 700 THB
Basic bungalows with few services and little housekeeping.


Thaniza Beachfront Resort 2 Star – from 640 THB
Value for money beach front bungalows. Decent quality.


Friendly Resort & Spa 1 Star – from 620 THB
Large resort with basic rooms and big pool. Aimed towards younger travellers.


Amaresa Resort & Sky Bar 2 Star – from 590 THB
Quirky resort on the hillside with dramatic views. Great restaurants and remarkable ‘Eco-style’ houses.


Suksabai Resort 1 Star – from 580 THB
Basic concrete bungalows. Beach front location. 10 minutes to Full Moon Party.


Moon Paradise Resort 1 Star – from 550 THB 

Value for money wooden and concrete bungalows. On the Full Moon Party beach.


Suncliff Resort 2 Star – from 530 THB
Lovely small resort in quiet garden setting. Great views over the coast.


Leela Beach Bungalows 1 Star – from 480 THB
Basic beach front bungalows. Value for money and quiet.

Sea Garden Resort Haad Rin 1 Star – from 400 THB
Friendly and value for money. Range of accommodation types. Close to the Full Moon Party beach.


S.K Home Guesthouse 1 Star – from 305 THB
Cheap and cheerful. Small rooms with basic facilities. Ideal for a budget stay during the Full Moon Party. Book early.


Thai Dee Garden Resort 1 Star – from 300 THB
Basic value for money choice. 10 minutes from the Full Moon Party.


Same Same Guesthouse 1 Star – from 300 THB
Guest house with great restaurant and bar with party atmosphere.


Lighthouse Bungalows 1 Star – from 250 THB
Small bungalow resort built on the rocks. Quiet but basic. 20 minute walk to the town/Full Moon Party.


Full Moon Party Hostels

The Party Hostel 1 Star – from 800 THB
18 bed dorm and 2 bed private rooms. Central location.

The Party Hostel

Electro Hostel 1 Star – from 800 THB – CLOSED
10 bed mixed dorm and private rooms. Good quality.

Electro Hostel

Seventeen Hostel 1 Star – from 775 THB
Centrally located hostel. Mixed dorm rooms and free WiFi.

Seventeen Hostel

Bed N Bar Hostel 1 Star – from 750 THB
Rooms of 8 bunk beds. Free lockers and WiFi.

Bed n Bar

Gallery 1 Star – from 600 THB
15 bed dorm. Aimed at musicians and artists.

Maddy Hostel 1 Star – from 560 THB
6, 11, and 19 bed mixed dorms. Fun atmosphere and activities.

Maddy Hostel

Moon Dance Hostel 1 Star – from 550 THB
2 x eight bed dorms sharing 2 bathrooms. Clean with air-conditioning.

Moon Dance Hostel

Our House 1 Star – from 530 THB
10, 12 and 36 bed dorms. A/C, lots of toilets and bar.

Our House Hostel

Dancing Elephant HQ Hostel – from 485 THB
19 and 40 bed mixed dorms. Lots of on-site activities & facilities.

Dancing Elephant HQ Hostel

Peach Guesthouse 1 Star – from 380 THB
Budget private rooms for backpackers. Very basic.

Peach Guesthouse

Om Ganesh Hostel & Restaurant 1 Star – from 320 THB
Long running hostel with freebies around the time of the Full Moon Party.

Om Ganesh Hostel

Jaya Hostel and Guesthouse 1 Star – from 255 THB
6, 12, 16, 20 and 22 room dorms. Private rooms as well. In centre of Haad Rin

Jaya Hostel and Guesthouse

Fubar Guest House and Hostel 1 Star – from 220 THB
6, 17 and 22 bed mixed dorm rooms. 2, 3 & 4 person private rooms also available.

Fubar Guest House and Hostel

Phangan Hostel 1 Star – from 180 THB
3 air-conditioned mixed dorm rooms. Central location.

Phangan Hostel

Full Moon Party Venues

The Full Moon Party is not one party, it’s a lot of smaller parties taking place at the bars running the length of Haad Rin Beach. Every venue is different which is what makes the Full Moon Party so popular – there is something to suit everyone! This is our guide to the different bars, running North to South along the Full Moon Party beach.

UPDATE: Obviously, when the party is back after the covid-19 crisis, there will be a number of changes to this list as new leaseholders of the Haad Rin bars will look to re-brand. I also think trance and hard progressive techno will give way to newer forms of EDM.

Mellow Mountain

mellow mountain

Mellow Mountain is a laid back wooden bar perched on the hill above the sea. Mellow Mountain attracts an older and mellower crowd than the rest of the Full Moon Party with a mix of Techno/House/Funk. Catch DJ Lai from Thong Nai Pan on the decks at around 2 am for some original and upbeat house mixes. This is a great bar to either chill out or dance. The action’s all inside over looking the Full Moon Party. Lots of room to dance or chill out with drink sat on some cushions.

Tommy Beach Club

Tommy Resort

This is one of the four big venues on the Full Moon Party beach (the other three are The Cactus Bar, Drop Inn Club and Paradise Club). This place gets packed on Full Moon Party night with two sound systems on the beach outside the front of the bar. There is a lot going on here throughout the night. They have a good line up of DJs and play a mix of Psy-Trance, Tech House, Techno and Electro House. Tommy Beach Club has a club like feel with a giant laser, dance podiums, UV lighting, fluorescent sculptures and a fire wall. You are likely to want to spend some of your night at this bar.

The Orchid

the orchid

The Full Moon Party’s only Drum and Bass, R’n’B, break beat and hip-hop bar. This bar is one of the smaller venues on the Full Moon Party Beach. It has a loyal following who pack onto the covered concrete dance floor. People tend to come here for the music. It’s a good place to dance as well if you don’t particularly like the big crowds.

The Cactus Bar

cactus bar

Probably the busiest bar on the beach. They put on a good show with a fire show and pretty girls dancing on the bar. The music is more commercial than the other bars on the beach with the playlist ranging through 70s ,80s, 90s, Hip-Hop, Dance, Electro, Dance, Drum and Bass and classic dance ‘anthems’. The music appeals to a really wide range of people. Like the Tommy Beach Club they have fire wall, dance podiums and fluorescent sculptures. Good bar inside as well with two-storeys. Arrive early if you want to get seats for yourself and your friends. Keeping your seats all night is a bit more difficult!

Vinyl Club

Vinyl Club

Vinyl Club is a small club with a big sound system. Resident DJs Kay and Jok play Hard Techno and Psy-Trance to a cool crowd intend on partying hard until the early hours of the the morning. There isn’t much room inside the bar but plenty on the beach. Don’t expect to see the DJs playing vinyl.

Zoom Bar

Zoom Bar

Next door to the Vinyl Club and a very similar kind of club. They have a DJ booth overlooking the beach which is pretty cool. This bar has an unfortunate recent history – this is where tourist Stephen Ashton was shot dead at the beginning of 2013. Robert got caught in the cross fire when an island resident shot at another island resident. Not the fault of the bar, and it doesn’t mean that this bar is any less safe than another – it could have happened anywhere.

Drop Inn Club

Drop Inn Club

Launched in 1989, this a mainstay of the Full Moon Party. At points during the night they can attract up to 10,000 people. It gets busiest when their music starts to connect with the crowds. They play a wide range of music a lot of it falling into the category of ‘popular music’. This said at points during the evening they play really good House and Techno. The music is up and down, like everywhere at the Full Moon Party. You need to move from place to place as the music changes.

Paradise Bungalows

Paradise Club

This is the original Full Moon Party which started around 1983 by a certain Mr Suti. He put on a small party for some backpackers on full moon night and carried on doing it every month after. Starting out with only 20 to 30 people partying around a bonfire, the number of people who now go sometimes tops 30,000. Paradise is the place to experience the ‘old skool’ Full Moon Party. This is the place where they do the notorious fire rope skipping. Lots of party goers come away from Full Moon Party night with burns to their leg after trying this one. Be careful! They also have a fire wall and a rock slide. Paradise is a must visit when you go to the Full Moon Party. They play mostly House and Techno music.

The Rock

The Rock

The Rock is a laid back bar on top of a big rock at the Southern end of the beach. the Rock is run by the legendary Mr Suti and has an ‘old skool’ feel with wooden floors and palm leaf roof. This is a good place to chill out and you get a good view of the party but away from the madness. If you do decide to take time out be sure to try one of their cocktails, by far the best on the Full Moon Party beach. The music is generally Funky and Soulful although it changes in tempo throughout the night.

Top Ten Full Moon Party Hotels

Starting with the best, this is our list the top ten places to stay in Haad Rin during the Full Moon Party:
#1 The Coast
Haad Rin’s newest and hippest resort.

#2 Sarikantang
Fantastic resort on a beautiful stretch of beach

#3 Best Western Phanganburi Resort
International standard resort with pool and spa.

#4 Palita Lodge
Luxurious resort right in the centre of the party action

#5 Phangan Bayshore Resort
Large beach front resort with great rooms and a party atmosphere.

#6 Sea Breeze Resort
Smaller and quieter resort with luxurious air-con bungalows.

#7 Blue Hill Resort
Affordable hillside resort with stunning views.

# 8 Rin Bay View Bungalow
Value for money beach front resort with friendly atmosphere.

#9 Paradise Bungalows
The original Full Moon Party venue. The place to get into the party atmosphere.

#10 Thaniza Beach Front Resort
Lovely quiet and relaxed beach front resort.

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Hotels in East of Koh Phangan

Thong Nai Pan Yai

Mid Range:

Havana Beach Resort 3 Star – from 2,100 THB
Well run resort. Good Rooms. Great restaurant and bar.


Thong Nai Pan Beach Residence 3 Star – from 1,500 THB
Good quality beach front bungalows with restaurant and pool. Recently renamed; it was called ‘Central Cottage’.


Candlehut Resort 3 star from 2,450 THB
Smart cabanas around a pool with restaurant on beach


Pen’s Bungalows 2 Star – from 1,000 THB
Small friendly family run beach front resort. Now has swimming pool.


Dreamland Resort 3 Star – from 800 THB
Value for money beach front resort with restaurant and pool.


Nice Beach Bungalow 2 Star – from 700 THB
Small bungalow resort. No pool but good swimming beach.


Starlight Resort 3 Star – from 600 THB
Variety of bungalows ranging in quality. Has a lovely swimming pool.


Baan Panburi Village 2 Star – 480 THB up to here
Value for money bungalows near the beach. Friendly service. Probably closed.

Than Sadet


Mai Pen Rai Bungalows 1 Star – from 600 THB
Wooden sea view bungalows. Very popular.


J.S Hut Resort 1 star – from 450 THB
Beach bungalows with restaurant. Mixed reviews.

Haad Yuan

Mid Range:

Pariya Resort & Villas 3 Star – from 3,000 THB
Good quality accommodation on a quiet beautiful beach.



Best Thong Nai Pan Yai Resorts

Thong Nai Pan Yai is the sister beach to Thong Nai Pan Noi, which is home to Koh Phangan’s most luxurious resorts. Unlike Thong Nai Pan Noi, Thong Nai Pan Yai has retained more of an ‘old school’ feel with cheaper accommodation options and more night life. This said some of the resorts have ‘stepped up’ to offer something a bit better than the basic beach bungalow for young backpackers. The three resorts described below offer a decent standard of room and of service for families and older travellers. They aren’t particularly cheap by Thai standards, but cost a fraction of the price of the hotels in the neighbouring Thong Nai Pan Noi. Neither beach in Thong Nai Pan is a cheap destination but balance the extra expense against the great location. These are the best of the two accessible beaches on Koh Phangan and you pay for a premium for staying there.

Havana Resort # 1 Best Resort

Facilities: Restaurant Bar Swimming Pool WiFi Satellite TV

Prices: Standard Room 2150 to 2650 THB
Superior Room 2300 to 2800 THB
Deluxe Room 2500 to 3000 THB
Beach Side Superior Room 3000 to 3300 THB
Beach Side Deluxe Room 3300 to 3600 THB
Aquarium Suite 3600 to 4000 THB
Havana Suite 3900 to 4500 THB

In Brief:

Good quality hotel with rooms in two blocks running at right angles to the beach. The quality of the rooms is comparable to our second choice, Candle Hut, but the restaurant and the service makes this our overall winner.

Our Review:

This is a well run establishment. The owner, Raja, and his family are firmly in control and work tirelessly to ensure the property is well maintained and that the staff provide a good service.

The rooms are adequate in size with balconies, air-con, en-suite bathrooms, safety deposit box, hot water and fridge. They are kept clean as well. For families the Deluxe rooms come with a double and single bed. The Havana Suite is a massive 50 sqm.

The centre piece of the resort is the large, if oddly shaped, pool. Around this are well maintained gardens leading down to the beach front restaurant and bar. The restaurant has two menus: Ash (Indian food) and Sailrock (Thai food and BBQ). The food is some of the best in Thong Nai Pan Yai. The restaurant has tables under cover and tables situated on the sand. The bar is pretty good as well. If you like sitting at the bar this is a good option for you with a large screen TV situated above and a relaxed atmosphere. You can sit here, have a beer, watch the game and more often than not participate in good humoured conversation.

Overall this a great place to stay. For the money you should have few if any complaints. We note that this is the first Thong Nai Pan Yai resort which has caught on with large travel agents. Even SAGA now runs package holidays here.


Candle Hut Resort # 2 Best Resort

Facilities: Restaurant Bar Swimming Pool WiFi Satellite TV

Prices: Wooden Fan Bungalow 1200 to 1500 THB
Wooden Air Con Bungalow 1900 to 2200 THB
Sea View Villa 2450 to 3900 THB
Pool View Villa 2800 to 4500 THB
Beachfront Pool Villa 2800 to 4500 THB
Family Suite 2900 to 4500 THB

In Brief:

Beautiful cluster of beach front bungalows around a swimming pool. Very popular with families.

Our Review:

The resort is built around a swimming pool set slightly back from the beach. Throughout the year, and particularly in the summer, the pool is full of children playing happily and safely whilst their parents sit comfortably outside their bungalow letting the kids get on with it. The beach is about 15 metres away, along with the resort’s bar and restaurant ‘The End’. Candle Hut has recently revamped and renamed this restaurant. They have aimed at something slightly better than your typical resort restaurant and they haven’t done a bad job. There is room for improvement but we commend the effort they have made and its a step in the right direction.

The resort is about 50/50 modern well appointed concrete bungalows and more basic wooden bungalows. The wooden bungalows are not so special. You can get the same thing for cheaper at other resorts. However, the concrete bungalows are ‘top-notch’. There are four types. All come with air-conditioning, satellite TV and hot water. They are also nicely decorated inside and out. The family suite has two bedrooms, one with bunk beds and the other with a double, making them perfect for families. Book early as these are in demand.

Dreamland Resort # 3 Best Resort

Facilities: Restaurant Bar Swimming Pool WiFi Satellite TV

Prices: Standard Fan Bungalow 600 to 800 THB
Standard Air Con Bungalow 1200 to 1500 THB
Superior Air Con Bungalow 1500 to 1800 THB
Family Air Con Bungalow 2000 to 2500 THB
Deluxe Air Con Bungalow 3500 to 4000 THB

In Brief:

Large and well run bungalow resort. Range of bungalows from cheap to mid-range.

Our Review:

Dreamland is one of the older resorts in Thong Nai Pan Yai. It’s on a big scale with large swimming pool, with swim up bar, large beach front restaurant and 50 bungalows. In addition there is an onsite supermarket, bike rental and kayaks for rent. The resort provides cheap taxi services as well.

The restaurant is inexpensive and has a good range of Thai and international dishes. It is the only place in Thong Nai Pan where you can buy a veggie burger – if that’s your thing. Situated on the beach front and right by the pool area, it’s a great place to hang out. The service is fairly swift and polite.

The bungalows are a good standard and represent value for money. For backpackers on a budget the wooden fan bungalows are a good option. They have hot water which cannot be said of all budget bungalows in Thong Nai Pan. At the other end of the scale the Superior, Family and Deluxe rooms all come with nice furnishings and satellite TV. For the price you can’t really go wrong with a room at Dreamland Resort.

This resort runs their own dive boat service (Dreamland Divers) with the cheapest diving trips in the area. They use a converted long tail boat which will get you to Sail Rock in about 50 minutes.