First Museum in Koh Phangan

First Museum in Koh Phangan

It is a minor landmark moment for Koh Phangan. The island now has its first municipal museum. The museum is located in the retired battle ship, HMS Phangan moored at a pier in Thongsala. Although only a small museum it demonstrates that Koh Phangan is growing in stature as a destination in Thailand.

HMS Phangan

HMS Phangan Museum

HMS Phangan at night

HMS Phangan has been moored in the main port town of Thongsala for over 2 years. Work has been going on to prepare the former naval warship for a new role as a museum for Koh Phangan. In October 2014 the museum opened with little online fanfare.

Along with the museum is a new statue of Rama V built in front of HMS Phangan which is moored in Thong Sala.

There is a severe shortage of historical records available online in English about Koh Phangan. It is an island that had few roads and only a tiny tourist industry as late as the early 1980s. For years Koh Phangan was regarded, often askew, as the poor sister of Koh Samui, visited only by inveterate hippies who ironically bought international fame to the island by inventing the Haad Rin Full Moon Party.

Location of HMS Phangan

History of Koh Phangan

The history of Koh Phangan prior to the Full Moon Party; its coconut and farming economy; its tin mining industry; its involvement with pirates and illegal immigration; and its links to Thai royalty are all subjects that need more exposure. The pre-history of the island stretches back to the Bronze Age. In short there is plenty for a museum to draw upon.

It might not interest many of the present short stay guests to the island, but it will help to give Koh Phangan a more multi-dimensional identity and might encourage a more diverse group of visitors who aren’t all keen on buckets and special shakes.

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