Blue Dream Hostel AKA Hard Road Cafe

Blue Dream Hostel AKA Hard Road Cafe


The recently renamed Blue Dream Hostel (previously known as Hard Road Café) is a sports bar, restaurant and backpacker hostel that opened in 2012. It is located on the road that runs between the main port town of Thongsala and the party village of Baan Tai. For those who remember, it is on the site of what was once Boat Ahoy.

You might imagine from the name that Hard Road Café is a themed bar that focuses on rock memorabilia like the Hard Rock Café. That is completely wrong. It is a backpacker hostel and restaurant that has a stretch of beachfront. The emphasis of Blue Dream Hostel / Hard Road Café is on capturing the backpacker and full moon crowd. The two main selling points of Blue Dream Hostel appear to be dorm beds and the creation of a ‘sports complex’.


The management is Thai and French. The French influence is apparent in the focus on hospitality and the restaurant that has a selection of Western dishes such as panini, salads, pasta and pizza. The team obviously knows what they are doing as they also have a resort in Koh Samui.

Dormitory Accommodation

People who remember Koh Phangan from a few years ago might question the need for dorm beds and hostels on the island. However, room prices have been steadily increasing in Koh Phangan. Many places, especially in Baan Tai and Haad Rin, now charge triple their base price during the full moon party.  Yet, the majority of people going to the Full Moon Party are still budget conscious backpackers. A dormitory where you can lock up your stuff, grab a shower and a bite to eat before heading out all night makes good sense. Blue Dream Hostel offers beds in air-con rooms with hot showers for 500 Thai Baht a night. It is a cheap deal for Koh Phangan.

Hardroad-1This observation is confirmed by the fact that new backpacker places are springing up in Baan Tai and Thongsala by the year.

The downside, as anyone who has stayed in a party hostel will tell you, shared dorms can be noisy, especially in ‘party’ hostels. Young people come in and out all night. They hide cheap booze they have smuggled in from outside in their lockers; some of them throw shame to the wind and copulate in the twilight hours; others, make awful noises as their bodies attempt to assimilate gallons of cheap alcohol. Clearly, consideration makes a good dorm room. It is possible to enjoy the parties in Koh Phangan and be a considerate dorm companion.


The other thing about Blue Dream Hostel is the activities.  There are plenty of day time distractions on offer at this hostel. They have an attractive swimming pool, a beach volleyball court, 2 table tennis tables and a football table. They are building what is described as a ‘sports complex’ which will include a tennis court, a futsal court and a basketball court. It is an ambitious project and we hope they succeed as it will provide new amenities for visitors to Baan Tai.

Night time also holds plenty of distractions. They show live sports on the TV in the bar; they hold DJ parties and promotional parties; and of course, all the outside parties and dance events in the bars of Baan Tai are in walking distance, just up the road.

Blue Dream Hostel is one of the best places to stay if you are looking for a cheap bed for a few nights and a bit of fun-loving company.

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Full Moon Party

For the Full Moon Party there is a minimum stay requirement of 5 nights. These restrictions don’t apply to other parties such as the Black Moon and Half Moon Parties. However, most of the other parties occur within a week either side of the main event, the Full Moon Party.

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