Pantip Food Market: Best Street Food

Pantip Food Market: Best Street Food

Pantip Food Market, in the centre of Thong Sala, has Koh Phangan’s best street food. The stalls start appearing from midday onward, but it doesn’t really get going until 16:00. The best time to visit, though, is in the evening when it becomes a lively place to eat and drink. Indeed for many tourists Pantip Food Market is often called the ‘night market’.

From a culinary perspective, no trip to Koh Phangan is complete without a visit to the Phangan Food Market. Beer and other drinks are on sale and there is seating outside, as well as inside the Pantip Food Centre, adjacent to the market.

Pantip Market Pantip market 1

Here is our guide to some of the highlights of the market stalls.

Chicken and Rice Stall

Khao man gai (Hainanese Chicken and Rice) is a real Thai classic. They make it well here and its 40 Thai Baht a plate. Other options are khao kha moo (stewed pork leg on rice), khao moo grawp (crispy pork on rice) and khao moo daeng (red pork on rice with sweet sticky red sauce) all at 50B a plate. If you are hungry you can ask for ‘pee set‘ (which means ‘special) and get a larger portion for an extra 10B.

Phangan Pizza

Not Thai food, but a tasty and cheap alternative if you are missing Western food. A slice of pizza costs 40B and a calzone costs 50B. Several vegetarian and meat options are also available.

Phangan pizza Pantip market 3

Dim Sum

Three dishes are available covering a range of Thai fried food: spring rolls, Thai money bags and pad Thai. They are all very tasty snacks and ideal to accompany a beer.

Curry and Rice

Another classic of Thai food is a pick and mix of authentic Thai curries and stir fries with rice. You pay for what you have. One curry with rice is 40 Thai Baht and two curries with rice is 50 Thai Baht. This stall probably has the widest range of foods available in the market. You can expect to find familiar Thai classics like green curry and somtam (green papaya salad). For Thai food aficionados (and braver dinners) this a great place to sample authentic southern Thai food like the super spicy orange curry (gaeng som) with fish or gaeng sataw (thick curry paste with a broad bean like vegetable and minced pork). Not for the faint hearted, but a must if you want to say you have tried the local cuisine.

Pantip market 4 Pantip market 6

Traditional Thai Cakes

Most tourists stay well away from this stall. This is a huge error. Everything costs 10 Thai Baht a portion and they taste great, if unusual. The three things we recommend you try are: khanom chan (gelatin layer cake), khao tom make (sticky rice with banana in a banana leaf), and tong yet (round egg custard). The bright colours don’t come from food additives but a variety of unusual food flavourings. The best of which is the pandamus leaf (a plant a bit like aloe vera) which has a subtle flavour that the Thais love and gives the desserts a vivid green colour.

If you want a snack, or fancy a cheap evening eat with some local atmosphere or if you want to try real Thai food then Pantip Food Market is the place to go. People come from all over the island to enjoy the food at this night market.

Location of Phantip Food Market

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