Best After Party

Backyard Party

The success of the Full Moon Party on Haad Rin Sunrise Beach has had a profound effect on tourism on Koh Phangan. A good idea can always be repeated. This is an article of faith for Thai business ventures. And so Koh Phangan has spawned not only a growing number of other party events but even its own dance genre. Along with the parties there is now a big demand for after parties. The exuberance of youth and dance music culture means that 12 hours of revelry is not enough. The best of the after parties on offer is without doubt held at the Backyard Pub. It has become the unofficial Full Moon Party After Party.

One of the requirements for an after party is that it is in a new location. People want to move on from the debris strewn and dwindling fun of the main event and go to another spot that is busy and gives off a ‘happening’ vibe. The Backyard After Party is located in the jungle on the Haad Rin headland about 15 minutes walk from Sunrise Beach. It is a new spot, but conveniently not too far away.

The action kicks off at 11 am the morning following the Full Moon Party. There is a steady trickle of colourful party people who come to the bar looking for more tunes, buckets and fun. There are always a few people who skip the main party and turn up at Backyard fresh and ready to go.

The bar is in a cool jungle setting. There is plenty of room to dance inside. It is an open plan bar with no walls. The party spills out to the dance area outside. Upstairs there is a large balcony with wooden flooring and speaker stacks where people throw shapes to the music.

Many of the bars along Haad Rin Nok stick to one genre of music. They also have resident DJs. The best of these DJs often make it up to Backyard to play sets. Although there is no fixed style played at Backyard Party, it is often the hard progressive trance sound pioneered in Koh Phangan that comes from the decks.

There is a good atmosphere at the bar. People are friendly; the survivors from the FMP are full of the joy that comes from a great night out under the full moon. Moreover, the police have gone home after a night patrolling the main party.


To get to Backyard Pub go down the main street of Haad Rin that runs parallel to Sunrise Beach. Head South. Follow the road around to the right up the hill. Just before Same Same Bar take the left turning up the hill. Follow this path until you hit a right turn, and you are there. But really, don’t worry – just follow the crowds, or ask someone: you will get there!

Entrance Fee

It’s free to go to the Backyard Party


Sunglasses, suntan lotion and a few Baht for drinks.