Best Hostels in Haad Rin

Haad Rin is the heart of the action for the party people that come to Koh Phangan. This is where the famous Full Moon Party is held every month. It is a party that attracts all types of people. However, the biggest group are young backpackers on a budget. For those wanting to stay in Haad Rin during the party the best option for the budget traveller is a hostel. Over recent years a number of hostels have appeared in Haad Rin catering for those who just want a bed and a locker to store their possessions. It is the cheapest way to do the Full Moon Party. Moreover, for those staying in Haad Rin there is no entry fee to pay to go to the Full Moon Party.

Below is our list of the best 5 hostels in Haad Rin. We rate the hostels in terms of value for money, amenities offered, atmosphere and reviews. If you have stayed in one of these hostels please use our polls and leave a comment. Your feedback will help your fellow travellers.

#1 Our House

Central Haad Rin on Tommy Street, behind Tommy Resort. Our House is ideally located for backpackers who want to go to the Full Moon Party. The hostel is located in the centre of Haad Rin, just 30 seconds from the beach where the party is held. Our House is behind Tommy Resort on Tommy Street.

It is a fairly big hostel with plenty of dorm beds. There is a 36 bed room, a 12 bed room and a 10 bed room. They all have shared bathroom, lockers, air-con and a hair dryer. A bed costs 200 Thai Baht a night. It doesn’t include a meal. Check in is at 2pm and check out is 10.30am.

The beds are new and there is a good ratio of bathrooms and toilets per guests. These are two important considerations when choosing a hostel. There is also free wifi.

The resort has a bar, restaurant, TV room, lounge, pool table and travel desk. Included in the price is clean bed linen and use of the luggage room. There is a basic kitchen open to guest use.

The bar has discounted drinks for guests staying at the bar; it plays ambient music and shows live sports events.

The minimum stay for the Full Moon Party is 5 nights. During the peak season (Christmas and New Year) the minimum stay is 7 nights.

Our House is our number hostel in Haad Rin as it combines good amenities with a cheap price. It also has mostly good reviews on the various review sites.


#2 Fubar Hostel

Fubar Hostel describes itself as ‘designer hostel’ that is ‘European-managed and energy orientated’. It is located just seconds from Haad Rin Sunrise Beach at the southern end of the beach behind Zoom Bar.
This hostel is geared around the Full Moon Party. They put on a boat tour of the island for guests that visits Than Sadet waterfall and goes to the best snorkeling spots. They also have a popular full moon after party with DJs pumping out solid electro and house tunes.

There are 22, 17 and 6 bed dorms. Dorm beds start at just over 200 Thai Baht a night. This includes bed linen, free wifi, secure locker and access to a hair dryer. The 6 bed dorm is in the attic and has a sea view.

There is an extensive and reasonably priced menu at the restaurant / bar. You can get baked potatoes, toasties, baguettes, pasta, pizza, burgers and Thai food. The bar stocks cold bottled beers and spirits as well as soft drinks.

Fubar Hostel also offers a download service for music and movies. One wonders about copyright laws!

Reviews of Fubar Hostel on Hostelbookers are mostly positive. A few people complained about the noise from the bar. This is a party hostel and you shouldn’t stay here if you like to go to bed early and sober. Other negative comments mention the toilets and showers not being cleaned on a regular basis. Also several guests complained about the poor state of the rooms for rent.

While Fubar has attracted a few negative comments we like this hostel because it has loads of character. It is run by a young and energetic cooperative of people who obviously love Koh Phangan and the Full Moon Party. Their enthusiasm is infectious and they encourage guests to become part of the ‘Fu family’.


#4 A Phangan Hostel

A Phangan Hostel is near Haad Rin pier near the quieter Haad Rin Nai (Sunset beach). They claim their guests are near the party action but also can get a good night’s sleep.

A Phangan Hostel has dorm beds starting at 190 Thai Baht a night. The price includes air-con, en-suite bathrooms, clean linen and towels, use of the luggage room, secure lockers and free wifi.

Check-in and check-out is 12 noon. The hostel doesn’t have a bar or restaurant, but there are plenty of eating and drinking options nearby. Indeed not having a bar helps to make this a less rowdy hostel as those seeking all-night intoxication and loud music have to go elsewhere.

Few people left any negative feedback about Phangan Hostel. One person complained that the air-con was too good (this is a common problem in Thailand), and another felt there weren’t enough toilets per person. Other guests do mention the hostel location is quieter than other spots in Haad Rin.

This hostel might not stand out immediately as one of the best in Haad Rin but for the price and the chance of an undisturbed sleep it deserves to be included on the list.


#3 Gallery Dorm

Gallery Dorm is a small hostel near Haad Rin pier. It has 14 beds in an upstairs dorm. A bed costs just 150 Thai Baht in an air-con room.

Down stairs is a small bar and restaurant that is open 24/7. The hostel is keen to promote itself as ideal for party people and musicians. There are bongos, didgeridoos and guitar for guests’ use. They also have a set of decks and mixer for CD DJs to show off their moves. Guests get discounted prices for food and drink.

This is a small and intimate hostel and might suit people who like to jam late into the night. Not good for those sleeping upstairs.

There is only one toilet for the dorm and there seems to be a security issue with people able to go from the bar into the dorm upstairs. Otherwise, guests have few bad things to say about Gallery Dorm.

We gave Gallery Dorm third spot because it eschews the common ‘ship em and ship em out’ approach of hostels. Gallery Dorm wants to be a place for guests and friends to hang out and discover more about their fellow dorm companions.


#6 Bed and Bar

Bed and Bar is a small hostel in the centre of Haad Rin. They have an 18 bed dorm. Bed prices start at 750 Thai Baht. The price includes air-con, linen and use of the luggage room. They also have safety boxes for guests to put their valuables.

The dorm is upstairs. Downstairs there is a common area with TV and shared computer. There is also free wifi in the hostel.

This is a basic hostel with high bed prices.


#5 Electro Hostel

Electro Hostel is on Tommy Street in the centre of Haad Rin. It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the hostel from Haad Rin pier and just 20 seconds from Sunrise Beach.

It is a new hostel with a 10 bed dorm. The dorm has air-con, and the price includes bed linen and towel. Guests get their own locker and access to free wifi.

There is a common area with TV. There is also a tour desk for booking tours.

Electro Hostel doesn’t have a restaurant. There is, however, a beer garden outside. This is a non-smoking hostel, so those who want a cigarette have to go outside.

A bed in the dorm costs 350 Thai Baht. Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out is 1 pm.

There is a minimum stay requirement of 2 nights.

Electro Hostel makes it to number five of our list of best hostels in Haad Rin for its reasonable price and because it is the ‘best of the rest’.


#3 Mickey Hostel

Mickey Hostel is a fairly new hostel in Haad Rin with comfortable bunk beds for rent. The hostel has 13 bunk beds that can hold 26 people. The room is air-con and the linen is clean and regularly changed. The hostel is on the main road in centre of Haad Rin.

Although Mickey Hostel costs a bit more than other Haad Rin hostels it does have the advantage of having 4 bathrooms. Other hostels in Haad Rin have 1 bathroom for a dorm. This means one person taking a long shower or admiring him or herself in the mirror can lead to frayed tempers from others waiting to use the toilet.

A bed at Mickey Hostel costs 550 Thai Baht. This includes a locker, free wifi, bed linen and a towel. There is also free tea and coffee available throughout the day.

Mickey Hostel is a simple hostel without bar or restaurant. The reason we like this hostel is that the mattresses are new, and more comfortable than many other mattresses in Haad Rin.

The minimum stay for the full moon party is either 5 or 7 nights depending on the season.


Best Indian Food

Koh Phangan has several Indian restaurants. The best two are Ash at Havana Resort in Thong Nai Pan Yai and Om Ganesh in Haad Rin. Before you visit you should bear in mind that the style of cooking is more like you find in India, rather than Indian food in the UK or Europe. The curries tend not to be as spicy and a bit more salty than you might be used to back home. This said, the food is nice and a welcome alternative if you have been travelling in Thailand for an extended period.


This is a beach front restaurant on Thong Nai Pan Yai. It is part of the Havana Resort. The owner Raj is Indian in origin although born and bred in Thailand.

Ash is the best Indian restaurant on the island both in terms of food and location. Dining on the beach is a great experience and Ash has a choice of indoor and outdoor tables or reclining cushions on a raised platform, with a table in the middle, for a laid back dining experience. The service is polite and prompt and you have the feeling of being in luxury restaurant. Fortunately, luxury doesn’t mean expensive and price wise this a mid range option.

The menu covers a good range of Indian dishes. There are dishes like Samosa or Pakora, pictured above. Starters are priced around 100 THB a dish. The mains cover a range of vegetarian and non-veg dishes like Korma, Vindaloo and Madras. For most dishes you can choose between shrimp, fish, chicken and lamb. These curries are priced between 180 THB and 250 THB. The high points of the menu though are the excellent Indian breads like Nan and Paratha. The breads are priced at 60 THB to 100 THB – they really ‘make’ the meal.

Another good point of this restaurant is that it has several menus. As well as Indian food they serve good Thai food and a tasty BBQ menu. This is really handy if you are dining with someone who doesn’t want to eat Indian food.

Om Ganesh

This is a bone fide Haad Rin institution. They have been in Haad Rin since 1997. Back then Haad Rin was quite a different place: dirt roads and single storey buildings. You have to admire the entrepreneurial zeal of these Indian businessman. In the 1990s Haad Rin wasn’t known for international food and it was a long way off being the international destination that it has become during the last decade.

The restaurant is located on the main road from the ferry pier to Sunrise beach. Its about 200 metres from the ferry pier.

The range of dishes is pretty extensive featuring dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala, Lamb Vindaloo, Malai Kofta, Indian breads and Thalis. Expect to pay between 140 THB and 200 THB a dish.

A word of warning here: the restaurant can get very busy around the Full Moon Party. It takes a while to cook good Indian food and you may be in for a bit of a wait for your food to come when the restaurant gets very busy with party goers. If you want to sample their food at its best come in the evening at least a few days before or after the Full Moon Party.