Full Moon Party Venues

The Full Moon Party is not one party, it’s a lot of smaller parties taking place at the bars running the length of Haad Rin Beach. Every venue is different which is what makes the Full Moon Party so popular – there is something to suit everyone! This is our guide to the different bars, running North to South along the Full Moon Party beach.

UPDATE: Obviously, when the party is back after the covid-19 crisis, there will be a number of changes to this list as new leaseholders of the Haad Rin bars will look to re-brand. I also think trance and hard progressive techno will give way to newer forms of EDM.

Mellow Mountain

mellow mountain

Mellow Mountain is a laid back wooden bar perched on the hill above the sea. Mellow Mountain attracts an older and mellower crowd than the rest of the Full Moon Party with a mix of Techno/House/Funk. Catch DJ Lai from Thong Nai Pan on the decks at around 2 am for some original and upbeat house mixes. This is a great bar to either chill out or dance. The action’s all inside over looking the Full Moon Party. Lots of room to dance or chill out with drink sat on some cushions.

Tommy Beach Club

Tommy Resort

This is one of the four big venues on the Full Moon Party beach (the other three are The Cactus Bar, Drop Inn Club and Paradise Club). This place gets packed on Full Moon Party night with two sound systems on the beach outside the front of the bar. There is a lot going on here throughout the night. They have a good line up of DJs and play a mix of Psy-Trance, Tech House, Techno and Electro House. Tommy Beach Club has a club like feel with a giant laser, dance podiums, UV lighting, fluorescent sculptures and a fire wall. You are likely to want to spend some of your night at this bar.

The Orchid

the orchid

The Full Moon Party’s only Drum and Bass, R’n’B, break beat and hip-hop bar. This bar is one of the smaller venues on the Full Moon Party Beach. It has a loyal following who pack onto the covered concrete dance floor. People tend to come here for the music. It’s a good place to dance as well if you don’t particularly like the big crowds.

The Cactus Bar

cactus bar

Probably the busiest bar on the beach. They put on a good show with a fire show and pretty girls dancing on the bar. The music is more commercial than the other bars on the beach with the playlist ranging through 70s ,80s, 90s, Hip-Hop, Dance, Electro, Dance, Drum and Bass and classic dance ‘anthems’. The music appeals to a really wide range of people. Like the Tommy Beach Club they have fire wall, dance podiums and fluorescent sculptures. Good bar inside as well with two-storeys. Arrive early if you want to get seats for yourself and your friends. Keeping your seats all night is a bit more difficult!

Vinyl Club

Vinyl Club

Vinyl Club is a small club with a big sound system. Resident DJs Kay and Jok play Hard Techno and Psy-Trance to a cool crowd intend on partying hard until the early hours of the the morning. There isn’t much room inside the bar but plenty on the beach. Don’t expect to see the DJs playing vinyl.

Zoom Bar

Zoom Bar

Next door to the Vinyl Club and a very similar kind of club. They have a DJ booth overlooking the beach which is pretty cool. This bar has an unfortunate recent history – this is where tourist Stephen Ashton was shot dead at the beginning of 2013. Robert got caught in the cross fire when an island resident shot at another island resident. Not the fault of the bar, and it doesn’t mean that this bar is any less safe than another – it could have happened anywhere.

Drop Inn Club

Drop Inn Club

Launched in 1989, this a mainstay of the Full Moon Party. At points during the night they can attract up to 10,000 people. It gets busiest when their music starts to connect with the crowds. They play a wide range of music a lot of it falling into the category of ‘popular music’. This said at points during the evening they play really good House and Techno. The music is up and down, like everywhere at the Full Moon Party. You need to move from place to place as the music changes.

Paradise Bungalows

Paradise Club

This is the original Full Moon Party which started around 1983 by a certain Mr Suti. He put on a small party for some backpackers on full moon night and carried on doing it every month after. Starting out with only 20 to 30 people partying around a bonfire, the number of people who now go sometimes tops 30,000. Paradise is the place to experience the ‘old skool’ Full Moon Party. This is the place where they do the notorious fire rope skipping. Lots of party goers come away from Full Moon Party night with burns to their leg after trying this one. Be careful! They also have a fire wall and a rock slide. Paradise is a must visit when you go to the Full Moon Party. They play mostly House and Techno music.

The Rock

The Rock

The Rock is a laid back bar on top of a big rock at the Southern end of the beach. the Rock is run by the legendary Mr Suti and has an ‘old skool’ feel with wooden floors and palm leaf roof. This is a good place to chill out and you get a good view of the party but away from the madness. If you do decide to take time out be sure to try one of their cocktails, by far the best on the Full Moon Party beach. The music is generally Funky and Soulful although it changes in tempo throughout the night.

Top Ten Full Moon Party Hotels

Starting with the best, this is our list the top ten places to stay in Haad Rin during the Full Moon Party:
#1 The Coast
Haad Rin’s newest and hippest resort.

#2 Sarikantang
Fantastic resort on a beautiful stretch of beach

#3 Best Western Phanganburi Resort
International standard resort with pool and spa.

#4 Palita Lodge
Luxurious resort right in the centre of the party action

#5 Phangan Bayshore Resort
Large beach front resort with great rooms and a party atmosphere.

#6 Sea Breeze Resort
Smaller and quieter resort with luxurious air-con bungalows.

#7 Blue Hill Resort
Affordable hillside resort with stunning views.

# 8 Rin Bay View Bungalow
Value for money beach front resort with friendly atmosphere.

#9 Paradise Bungalows
The original Full Moon Party venue. The place to get into the party atmosphere.

#10 Thaniza Beach Front Resort
Lovely quiet and relaxed beach front resort.

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10 Best Full Moon Party Hotels

10 Best Mid Range Full Moon Hotels

The most convenient place to stay if you are going to the Full Moon party is Haad Rin town, which borders the famous party beach. Save yourself the hassle of getting transport to and from the party and stay in Haad Rin for the fun. Getting there is no problem, but getting back can be a pain and it can be expensive. But be warned……….

  • Some of the accommodation in Haad Rin is very poor quality. If you want somewhere to stay which is nice, stick to our list below. The Coast is also really good, as is Best Western Phanganburi, but they are both slightly further away from the Party.
  • You need to book well in advance. Rooms fill up very early, often months in advance. Our advice is to look at our list of party dates below and get booking as soon as possible.

2021 Full Moon Party dates

28th March 2021
26th April
27th May 2021
24th June 2021
26th July 2021
23rd August 2021
21st September 2021
22nd October 2021
19th November 2021
19th December 2021

1. Sarikantang Resort & Spa

Sarikantang Resort

Location: Haad Rin (beach 5 minutes away from Full Moon Party)
Cheapest Room: Standard Bungalow – 1,400 to 2,200 THB
Most Expensive Room: Sea View Villa – 4,500 to 5,900 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay
Description: Really nice resort located on the beach front on the other side of the peninsula from the Full Moon Party which ensures guests more peace and quiet. The resort has two shared pools, a Spa, and a beach front bar and restaurant. The rooms are decorated in modern tropical style. All are air-conditioned, with satellite TV and mini-bar. The Sea View Villas have separate bedroom, living room and dressing room. There is also a jacuzzi on the terrace.


2. Palita Lodge

Palita Lodge

Location: Haad (on the Full Moon Party beach)
Cheapest Room: Villa Garden View – 1,800 to 2,900 THB
Most Expensive Room: Suite Type A (With Living Room) – 5,000 to 6,400 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay & compulsory buffet dinner (500 THB)
Description: Located right on the party beach this is somewhere to immerse yourself in the party atmosphere. The resort has lots to do with a pool, bar, restaurant, pool tables and ping-pong tables. The room prices include breakfast and all room are air-conditioned, with satellite TV, private terraces and mini-bars.


3. Sunrise Resort Koh Phangan

Sunrise Resort

Location: Haad Rin (on the Full Moon Party beach)
Cheapest Room: Outside Standard Room – 930 to 3,500 THB
Most Expensive Room: Thai House Villa Beach Front – 4,000 to 8,500 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay
Description: The resort is in the centre of the beach and its noisy on the Full Moon Party night. It has a pool and beach front restaurant. Some of the accommodation options are a bit basic, although they do provide free WiFi. The Standard Rooms are fan only and have no TV. The Thai Villa is, however, very good quality. Its built in a traditional Thai Lanna style out of hardwood and has sea views from the private terrace. The Thai Villa has air-conditioning, fridge and satellite TV.


4. Rin Beach Resort

Rin Beach Resort

Location: Haad Rin (beach 3 minutes away from the Full Moon Party)
Cheapest Room: Guest House – 1,100 to 2,400 THB
Most Expensive Room: Boat House – 5,000 to 10,000 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period you must arrive 7 days before the party night
Description: Located by the ferry pier on the other side of the peninsula from the party beach this is a quieter and more family oriented resort. It has a large shared swimming pool and restaurant. All rooms are air-conditioned, and come with hot water, satellite TV and safety box. The unique selling point of the resort is the row of large boat shaped guest rooms. These large rooms are decked in traditional style and feel very luxurious.


5. Neptune’s Villa Hotel

Neptune's Villa

Location: Haad Rin (beach 5 minutes walk away from the Full Moon Party)
Cheapest Room: Standard Bungalow – 1,550 to 3,300 THB
Most Expensive Room: Super Deluxe Beach Front – 7,000 to 14,500 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay, arrive at least 2 days before the party
Description: On the other side of the peninsula, a short way out of the town, this is a quiet 48 room resort offering both bungalows and rooms in a hotel block. There is a large pool and sea view restaurant. All rooms come with breakfast, air-conditioning, satellite TV, balcony and hot water. It also has a 10 bed dormitory. Overall, a nice laid back resort.


6. Amaresa Resort and Sky Bar Koh Phangan

Amaresa Resort

Location: Haad Rin (hillside 7 minutes walk away from the Full Moon Party)
Cheapest Room: Fan Room – 590 to 1,410 THB
Most Expensive Room: Ocean View Room – 1,650 to 3,880 THB
Booking Restriction: None
Description: This is one of the more unusual resorts in Haad Rin. Its out on the tip of the peninsula in a densely wooded area. Its has spectacular beach and sea views over to Koh Samui. It also has a restaurant dramatically perched on the cliff edge. Up until 2011 all the accommodation were very basic wooden bungalows with fans, balconies and not much else. The resort still has these bungalows and they are good option if you want a cheap and ‘old school’ stay. However, they now also have a number of extremely nicely built wooden houses which come with satellite TV, hot water, air-conditioning and tea/coffee maker. If you like staying in ‘Eco-style’ houses then this is the best option for you in Haad Rin. This is a really good, if unusual, resort and will suit you if you want to go to the party but have the option of getting away from it when you have had enough.

They’ve have recently upgraded the resort. It now includes a bar with decking perched on the edge of the hill. It’s quite a view to enjoy with a cocktail.


7. Blue Hill Resort

Blue Hill Resort

Location: Haad Rin (hillside 10 minutes walk away from the Full Moon Party)
Cheapest Room: Seaview Deluxe Hotel Room – 800 to 2,650 THB
Most Expensive Room: Seaview Villa – 1,100 to 3,530 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay
Description: This resort is a short way outside of Haad Rin town, although not beyond walking distance. It is set on a steep hillside. On the plus side this means all the rooms and bungalows have spectacular sea views. On the down side it means climbing stairs, although they have installed a lift. The resort has a swimming pool with adjacent bar and open air restaurant on a wooden decking area. There are small number of rooms and bungalows (30 in total) and they are pretty good quality with air-conditioning, satellite TV, WiFi and balcony/terrace. The Seaview Villas are large at 36.5 sqm and feature teak furniture.


8. Cocohut Village Beach Resort & Spa

Cocohut Village Beach Resort

Location: Haad Rin (on the Full Moon Party beach)
Cheapest Room: Wooden Bungalow – 1,880 – 2,820 THB
Most Expensive Room: Pool Villa – 6,240 – 11,290 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay and compulsory cocktail party (750 THB per person)
Description: This is one of the most luxurious resort in Haad Rin. There is a real variety of types of accommodation and they all come with air-conditioning and satellite TV. At the bottom of the range is the Wooden Bungalow which a respectable 28 sqm with private balcony. The most expensive option is the Pool Villa which is a massive 76 sqm and has a balcony over looking the sea featuring a an 18 sqm jacuzzi. The resort itself has a large swimming pool, restaurant/bar and spa.


9. Phangan Bayshore Resort

Phangan Bayshore Resort

Location: Haad Rin (on the Full Moon Party Beach)
Cheapest Room: Superior Garden View Bungalow -1,600 to 4,150 THB
Most Expensive Room: Beach Front Room Building – 3,100 to 5,650 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period you must arrive 7 nights before the party
Description: This a large resort aimed at groups of 18 to 30 year olds. It features large hotel blocks around a big pool, although it does have some bungalows. The design is similar to resorts in some of the large European beach resorts In Spain or Greece. There is also a beach front restaurant. The rooms all come air-conditioned, with satellite TV and mini-bar. This is a successful commercial enterprise aimed at a particular type of customer. If you are after a safe familiar style of accommodation then this may be the place for you.


10. Blue Marine Resort Koh Phangan

Blue Marine Resort

Location: Haad Rin (beach 7 minutes walk away from the Full Moon Party)
Cheapest Room: Garden View Cottage – 1,000 to 2,350 THB
Most Expensive Room: VIP Cottage – 1,850 to 3,550 THB
Booking Restriction: Full Moon Party period there is a minimum 5 night stay
Description: Good value for money option with rooms set in a relatively peaceful garden setting. Many of the rooms have a sea view and all have air-conditioning, TV and private balconies/terraces with hammocks. This is a friendly, if slightly basic, resort with a laid back feel. If you come here expecting luxury you will be disappointed. The resort though is adequate, quiet and get a good return for the price of the room. There are a lot worse places to stay in Haad Rin.