Best Sunday Roast

If you have yearning for English food, perhaps a proper ‘Sunday Roast’ in particular, we suggest you head to The Mason’s Arms which is about half of kilometre outside of Thong Sala on the way to Hin Kong. It’s next door to the Diamond Muay Thai Gym.

Opened in 2008 by an English/Thai couple. Shawn, the proprietor, based the design of the building, and its interiors, on his favourite pub back in England. Hats off to them! this is a damn good attempt to recreate England in Koh Phangan and this is the place to go if you are longing for a bit of ‘Blightly’. Fortunately they haven’t recreated the dismal UK weather. It’s really popular with the island’s ex-pat community and it’s a good place to meet people if you are staying long term.

Shawn and his wife had previously run the highly successful Vantana restaurant in Thong Sala selling a range of Thai and well-produced English food. They have taken this expertise and put it to good use in producing some good food in double quick time. They also have ‘proper’ beer on tap: Singha, SA Bitter, Guinness and others. All available to purchase by the pint. Singha comes at 100 Thai Baht a pint, and Guinness tops the price bracket at 200 Thai Baht a pint.

The Mason Arms is a smoke free air-conditioned environment. You can though sit in the pleasant beer garden. Not sure where they managed to find the English style tables and benches or the sun umbrellas, but they work a treat.

The menu is fairly extensive covering breakfast, Thai food, Italian dishes, American style food and a good range of English pub classics. For me though the star on the menu is the Sunday roast, which they conveniently serve 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. The roast chicken dinner in the photos cost 290 Thai Baht a plate. Beef and lamb are also available. Huge portions and very tasty.